SD Card for Industrial Use

Industrial SD Card
Features of High-Reliability SD Card

High ReliabilityHigh DurabilityReducing Cost

Improved Flash Reliability and Control Performance

Highly Reliable Panasonic SD Memory Cards

When data is repeatedly rewritten onto an SD Memory Card, the flash reliability lowers. Panasonic assures reliability by improving the performance of the controller, to provide high quality and a long life.

High Reliability and Panasonic Controller Technology

Data Writing and Rewriting Endurance

Wear Levelling

Maximising SD Memory Life

Static wear levelling controls written data, including fixed data. Various use cases eliminate intensive data writing and maximise the lifetime of the SD card.

Secure Storage

Bit Error Auto Refresh

Withstanding Repeated Recording Operations

Automatically refreshes the bit errors that accumulate over time,
before they exceed the threshold. (Accumulated bit errors are
detected from read data.)

* This function does not guarantee permanent data retention.

Power Failure Robustness

Intelligent Data Writing

Dispersion of Writing Stress to NAND Flash Memory

Intelligent data writing disperses the writing stress to NAND flash memory, to reduce program disturbances.


Protects saved data and device

Unique Panasonic algorithms minimise data damage in the event of a power failure. Even in the event that an error is generated, the controller recovers the data, restoring it to the condition prior to the error, and preventing errors from reaching the entire SD memory area.

Durable Performance

Panasonic SD memory features high endurance against static electricity, magnetism, and X-rays.

Temperature Resistance

Operation is assured even under harsh temperature conditions.

A usable temperature range of -25 °C to 85 °C maintains stable performance everywhere, from extremely cold to intensely hot climates.

Electrostatic Resistance

IEC61000-4-2 compliance: Clears Electrostatic Discharge Immunity Tests of 150-pF energy storage capacitance, 15-kV aerial discharge, and 330-Ω discharge resistance.

Impact Resistance

High endurance against bending and twisting.

Bending load resistance
20 N (Newton) min. (SD standard: 10 N)

Twisting torque resistance
0.3 N•m (Newton meter) min*. (SD standard: 0.15 N•m)

* For a full size SD card only.

Magnetic Resistance

Minimal damage from magnetic forces.

Operable after being set onto a 1,000-gauss DC magnetic field for approx. 1 minute.

X-Ray Resistance

Data is protected from X-rays.

ISO 7816-1 compliance: Operable after 0.1 Gy (gray) of X-ray irradiation.

Water Resistance

JIS IPX7 compliance: Operable after submerging the product in water (tap water, 1-m depth) for 30 minutes.

* For a microSD card only. Except when using with a microSD card --> SD card adaptor.

Built-in Fuse

The internal card fuse protects against excess current and abnormal heating.

Even if excess current or abnormal heating were to occur due to internal card damage caused by the device being used or the environment, the built-in fuse will operate to prevent the SD Memory Card from overheating or igniting.

Reducing Cost

Reducing Costs While Maintaining High Quality

Application proposals such as integrating memories help to reduce the number of parts and shorten development lead time.

Compared with HDD and SSD Devices