reddot_productIAUD International Design Award 2018

Walk training robo
Walk training robo
IAUD International Design Award 2018- Gold Award

In today's ultra-aging society, walking is said to be the first step in care prevention. This walking-assist tool offers reliable and optimal walking opportunities to elderly people who have worries about walking. Our aim was to develop a new walking-assist tool that motivates the user to walk actively with a monitor that enables easy operation and checking of goal setting and their walking record, and a comfortable handgrip that is shaped to support the user’s body whichever way it is held.

High Definition Wide Display System for automobile
Smile Bathtub
IAUD International Design Award 2018 - Gold Award

Panasonic’s Smile bathtub makes it easy to get in and out of the bath, ensuring safety even for the elderly. Most major bathtub-related accidents occur when getting in or out. To counter this, Panasonic made the center part of the bathtub lower and thinner. The design also makes straddling the edge easier while standing or sitting. In addition to Panasonic’s dedication to comfort and safety, the Smile bathtub incorporates a design that carefully considers the effects of aging.