Tech Open Air 2019

image: PA!GO -An experiment for explorers with Google

PA!GO ‒ An experiment for explorers with Google

At Tech Open Air (TOA) 2019, FUTURE LIFE FACTORY, Panasonic Design will exhibit a concept model of smart educational toy " PA! GO" that boosts children's curiosity. We also introduce various projects that we have been working on at FUTURE LIFE FACTORY through videos etc.
Funkhaus Berlin Nelapastrasse 18, 12459, Berlin 3 wed. ‒ 4 thu. July 2019


"How could we use technology to encourage them to spend more time outside and learn about the world around them?" PA!GO project started from such questions to ourselves. We would like children to have an interest in the "real" things that they have in their daily life at a sensitive time, and foster the ability to think. We expect to receive various opinions in the TOA where highly sensitive engineers and designers gather from around the world. And We would like to enliven this project together with everyone who shares our thought.


Tech Open Air (TOA)

TOA is Europe’s Leading Technology Festival held every summer in Berlin. TOA was held by crowdfunding for the first time in the world. And it’s reputation has got higher year by year, in 2018, 200 speakers from around the world visited and over 100 TOA official satellite events were held in Berlin.


Panasonic: Working from Japan to help people worldwide live better for 100 years. FUTURE LIFE FACTORY is a studio in Panasonic’s Design Center specialized in cutting-edge development. We’re rethinking the question: What will living well mean in the future? And we’re bringing the answers to life, following wherever the ideas may lead. Our approach is not just about solving people’s problems or developing conventional products with the latest technology. We take a creative approach, based on human values and social issues, and apply our insights to mold a vision of the future. We explore the future of new types of businesses and ponder how we’ll live in the world of tomorrow, drawing on ideas that aren’t simply derived from conventional concepts.