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Photo: Osaka office with miniature model
The Design Center Osaka of the Life Solutions Company develops a variety of designs for residences, buildings and public spaces while working closely with technology and research departments, to realize spaces where people can live in comfort.


Photo: Meeting space in Panasonic Design Kyoto
Panasonic Design Kyoto is the headquarters of the Appliances Company Design Center. In the heart of culturally-rich Kyoto, the facility undertakes development to generate new, optimal lifestyles centered on consumer electronics.


Photo: Open-air meeting space in Hamarikyu office with glass wall
Design center of Connected Solutions Company based in Hamarikyu, Shiodome, Tokyo, provides high value solutions for BtoB business and in close collaboration with customers in the mobility industry.


Photo: Hamamatsucho office based on white
The Design Center Tokyo of the Appliances Company goes beyond existing businesses to develop designs in new business areas, under its mission to create new value and boost design communication.

United Kingdom

Photo: Panoasonic design Europe office in London, England
The Panasonic Design Center Europe is located in central London. We create advanced designs to aspire to in collaboration with European designers at the height of their profession.


Photo: Apliance design center office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur
The AP Asia Design Center in Malaysia works with local product planning and consumer research departments to develop Asia Oceanic-oriented products.


Photo: An office in Shanghai, China where calm lighting is impressive
Shang Hai
In Shanghai, we focus on the rapidly changing values of people in various living environments to design products perfectly suited to the "now of fashion" in the vast expanse of China, where tradition and the latest trends combine.