Developing a future vision creation workshop method

  • R&D
  • Business development and manufacturing
  • Solutions
  • Sales promotion Marketing
  • Corporate strategy Branding

Designed a program to create a vision for 10 years from now using next-generation technology, and built an ideal vision for 10 years in the future based on our proprietary future trend information and the goals of team members.

Sharing future trends with the team

  • We gave a talk to participants on predictions of future trends 10 years from now (society/technology/values) based on our exclusive data to share background knowledge
  • We surveyed team members’ goals and visions for the future using the pro action café method

Creating ideas from future trends and goals

  • We combined 10-year predicted trend keywords and team members’ goals to create future vision ideas
  • Members shared their goals and future vision ideas in storyboard pitch format (investor presentation method)

Visualizing the future 10 years from now

  • We used promising ideas to create a sheet summarizing a vision of Panasonic 10 years in the future. Visualization using a map and illustrations contributed to propagating the future vision throughout the company and strengthening its appeal.