Robotics development for the commercialization phase

  • R&D
  • Business development and manufacturing
  • Solutions
  • Sales promotion Marketing
  • Corporate strategy Branding

We provide comprehensive consulting to build uniquely Panasonic robotics, from examining market introduction scenarios to manufacturing production prototypes.

Creating market introduction scenarios

  • We perform market trend analysis, needs surveys, and local interviews, identify target markets from analysis of conditions, and create deployment scenarios.

Generating ideas in co-creation workshops

We hold participatory workshops with technicians, designers, and users. We combine multiple brainstorming methods to select new development elements and consider new ideas.

  • Framework: MECE overview of theme target area
  • Break the Bias: ideation method that defies stereotypes
  • Product cone: clarify customer values and dig deep into concept
  • Business model: visualize business structure using BMC
  • Rapid prototyping: make idea “touchable” on the spot

Prototype development predicting usage scenarios

We support prototype development to visualize value that no one has ever experienced before to accelerate new business.
We provide support in a variety of processes, from rapid prototyping to exterior CAD.

  • Exterior/operation interface design
  • Proposing structures/materials considering technical conditions
  • Extracting issues and examining improvements through user experiential evaluation