The Roast: an appliance and service business using IoT and the cloud

  • R&D
  • Business development and manufacturing
  • Solutions
  • Sales promotion Marketing
  • Corporate strategy Branding

This new food appliance and service project makes full use of IoT and the cloud. We supported commercialization of this new appliance and ingredient delivery service with a coffee roasting theme. We aimed to develop an innovative business model to provide a new experience of enjoying a truly great cup of coffee.

Creating a totally new coffee experience

An appliance that provides a superb experience, meticulously selected ingredients, and a roaster profile that brings out the best flavors: The Roast provides all these for the total ultimate coffee experience. We participated in this project from supporting vision and concept development to propelling the commercialization process based on service experience design.

Support for commercialization process

We provided direction support for each process, from service planning to commercialization.

  • User survey support
  • Service overall process design support
  • UI/UX direction support
  • Smartphone app creation support

Branding design and sales support

  • Support for branding strategy creation through related service experiences, including device, coffee bean sales, and app user experiences.
  • Support for building a sales promotion strategy