Digital marketing consulting

  • R&D
  • Business development and manufacturing
  • Solutions
  • Sales promotion Marketing
  • Corporate strategy Branding

With the strong base in web marketing, we provide consultancy in all areas related to web, search and social.
We also support our regional headquarters driving their regional digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketing leveraging customer data

We provide various analytics service using our DMPs.

  • We pioneered the next-generation marketing process using DMP (Google BigQuery) as well as digital marketing dashboard.
  • We developed PDCA cycle of improvements by understanding our customer journeys from pre-sales phase to after-sales phase.

Overseas web strategy support

We support regional headquarters driving their regional digital marketing strategies such as global web platform implementation and local web marketing executions.

  • We’ve been working for Latin America region with its 16 countries in various areas such as web marketing, e-commerce product information syndication, etc.
  • We support Asia Pacific region through developing digital maturity model and continuous assessment across 10 countries.

Panasonic corporate-wide web initiatives

  • We took the leading role in corporate wide web issues solving working group with its mission to solve various corporate wide web issues by managing a significant number of stakeholders.
    We developed internal education program for internal webmasters and all those who are involved in the website management process.
    We also take the role of teacher in the program.