Our mission is to contribute to improving business value and brand value of Panasonic Group through consulting and design in the new business and high growth areas.

Basic operational functions

R & D

With the customer-centric future predictions, we accumulate original insights and data through “Lifestyle research”, “Business research” and “Media research”.


We engage in various projects based on the requests from various internal departments in Panasonic group.
We provide consulting and design support with our accumulated knowledge and insights.

Knowledge management

We develop our original knowledge gained through our engagement in various projects which will be further leveraged on next projects.

Enabling continuous incubation
as an in-house organization

Advanced development design

  • Future research
    Trends analysis

    We conduct our original lifestyle research, based on which we propose future concepts and communicate research results within and outside the company

  • Technology consulting

    We develop use case ideas, build prototypes and also engineering designs

  • New business development consulting

    Rooted from social issues and trends to create new business models and products from a design thinking process

Space / social design

  • Social and industry survey

    We conduct various survey and analyze them with external partners to explore business opportunities

  • B2B solutions consulting

    We propose next-generation eco systems and new business ideas by taking a deeper look into social issues and B2B company issues.

  • City development and exhibitions

    We provide total direction service in various space planning projects ranging from Panasonic corporate exhibitions and CRE strategy as well as on-site installations.

Communication / service design

  • B2C marketing analysis

    We provide consulting services in CRM, VOC and marketing analytics.

  • Digital marketing consulting

    With the strong base in web marketing, we provide consultancy in all areas related to web, search and social.

  • Global communications

    We support our regional headquarters driving their digital marketing strategies.