Ballooncam: Bringing the wonders of a flying device for a new age to the world

Photo of Balloncam flying in the stadium

Drones are becoming indispensable to provide awe-inspiringly realistic visuals and to enhance high-impact performances at live events. But the rapid growth of drones has also led to safety aspects being questioned, limiting their range of use. The Ballooncam is a flying device for a new age, combining the best aspects of both balloons and drones, in order to overcome these limitations. Our aim was to build a truly innovative product, incorporating the unique idea of having a propeller inside the balloon. We believe the pictures the Ballooncam can take and the lights it can emit will broaden the possibilities of visual creators for new and amazing performances.

Photo of showing the detail of the Ballooncam's camera Combining mobility and safety

A close look at existing drones reveals a number of issues. These include their very functional appearance and concerns over the harm their exterior-mounted propellers could cause to people. Yet the visual appeal of the Ballooncam makes it an interactive device that will mark a completely new era. The saucer-shaped balloon has a softer, more appealing look, while the original rounded form gives mobility, safety and stability, so that it will not cause harm or damage in the event of an uncontrolled descent. This safety aspect is the key point in expanding its usability, resulting in the completely new concept of a flying device that can actually be touched.

Photo showing the words “Are you ready??” projected on the Ballooncam A balloon-full of fun and exciting entertainment!

This seemingly mysterious flying device has a playful look that inspires a sense of fun. This is achieved through its saucer-shaped form, which even creates a sense of excitement at first sight. This creates a safer-feeling device, which people are more comfortable to have flying overhead, and don't feel the unease they do with more conventional drones. Its approachable shape makes people want to reach out and touch it. Until now the idea of performance devices mixing with the audience was impossible, but we believe the advent of the Ballooncam will completely overturn this notion, thanks to its potential to be a performance tool that can interact with the audience.

Photo of showing the detail of the Ballooncam's camera More hospitality for event performances

The Ballooncam was developed based on the intuitive concept of bringing the high-level entertainment required by audiences and organizers of live events. It was created to completely overturn the disadvantages of existing drones, specifically their safety concerns and inability to fly for long periods of time. The unique design allows the balloon's own fabric to be used as a screen while it flies through the air, while the internal projector takes aerial photography to a new level thanks to novel visual effects achieved by video projection and LED lighting. Ballooncam expands the possibilities of new event performances, and we expect to see it used extensively at major events from 2020.