Next generation car cockpits: designing mobility of the future

Photo showing car interior information displays

As vehicles steadily incorporate electronics and shift to being electrically driven, their steady evolution calls for increased user comfort, safety, and sustainability. Solutions to improve comfort and safety in driving using our advanced ICT technology, devices and knowhow honed through consumer electronics take the form of concept car designs, designs to create dream cars to realize a thriving vehicle-based society. Through collaboration with automobile manufacturers, this concept is being presented at major motor shows outside Japan with display vehicles.

Providing reassurance and safety via centralisation of information

Information the driver requires (from navigation systems or camera images) is centralised on a large curved LCD that combines with the instrument panel, to form an easy to understand display the driver can easily refer to for all important information. Images showing blind spots hidden from the side mirrors are incorporated into the display to raise the driver's awareness, increasing driver confidence and safety. The heads-up display shows the speedometer and safety information to support an enhanced driving experience.

Photo of the control panel of the car interior Everything you need to do at your fingertips

The e-centre control box offers easy control of the system in a single interface. The large LCD pop-up touchscreen that only appears when needed was designed to improve usability at the driver's fingertips.

Car interior video From automotive to mobility design

As attention increases on the various social issues around cars, future vehicle evolution will focus on passenger comfort, the environment, and safety.How can we go beyond the current framework of the automobile industry to create new types of vehicles, new mobility? We intend to put forward a variety of solutions to provide everyone who rides in a car with comfort in all situations.