Subtly stylish:
Cuble and its diagonally slanting drum

Subtly stylish: Cuble and its diagonally slanting drum

With its neat, streamlined form, the tilted-drum Cuble washing machine blends beautifully into your space. Made up of straight lines and circles, its simple, cubic shape looks great anywhere.
The door is a smooth, flat surface, with details and joins kept to an absolute minimum. Flush-mounted in its center is a round window encircled by a subtly-gleaming metallic ring frame, all the more compelling for its seamless integration into a pared-down form. This design unobtrusively complements your space, yet still makes an elegantly minimalist statement.

The fresh value of full-flat design The fresh value of full-flat design

Front-loading washing machines typically have a round door. Except it’s hardly a door at all: more of a round cover over the drum opening. The Cuble’s door is different. In a break with convention, the door consists of the whole of the square front face, which opens fully. This gives you plenty of working space, making it much easier to unload your clean laundry.
You can you see right inside the drum, so it’s obvious when your clean laundry is ready, and you’re much less likely to forget to unload the machine.
The entire door is covered with strong, sleek transparent acrylic. The flat, smooth design is strikingly stylish.

Turning on and off elegantly Turning on and off elegantly

With its flat face, free of superfluous details, this washing machine is elegantly minimalist. In fact, it’s so minimalist that it doesn’t even have any control buttons.
When you turn the power ON, an electrostatic touch panel gently lifts itself up from the upper face of the door. When you’ve selected the wash program you want, the panel clears, leaving only the functions now required. A white LED indicator lights up only when the machine is in use, delivering an intuitive, stress-free operating experience that makes your daily housework that much easier.
When you turn the power OFF, the whole display clears, and the touch panel flattens back into the top of the door, so you don’t need to think about it anymore. This is a level of simplicity you don’t often find in household appliances.

A design that makes you feel clean A design that makes you feel clean

Every household has to do laundry, so Panasonic wants to make laundry more enjoyable. That’s why we gave this washing machine a distinctive cubic shape.
Eliminating superfluous letters, colors, seams and detailing, we gave the front a flat, elegantly minimalist design, and made sure the controls are easy for anyone to use. With its subtle gleam, the ring frame adds a note of style to your decor. In our uncompromising pursuit of high quality, every detail has been carefully considered, right down to the exact color of the tiniest screw. While complementing your living space, this washing machine will enhance your daily routine with a touch of chic.