Liberating creative potential: the LUMIX S Series

photo:Digital camera LUMIX S Series floating in the air

Creating a camera that works intuitively and translate the passion of professional photographers into art. That’s where it all began. We traveled with photographers working in every genre and watched them work, thoroughly verifying what they expect from the most important tool in their kit. Looking at photography anew through their eyes, we understood that they wanted to forget the camera, concentrate completely on the photographic experience, and express themselves in new ways.

Becoming completely engaged. Shaping emotions. The LUMIX S Series was born to help creators create.

photo:Ping-pong ball and digital camera LUMIX face each other in a tense space
  • Usability that opens doors

    To help photographers concentrate fully upon the subject and composition, we minimized the aspects of camera operation that can get in the way. Carefully observing professionals at work with their cameras, we analyzed how their bodies and fingers move in developing more intuitive controls. And we designed the viewfinder so that the information icons lie outside the frame, leaving the subject unobstructed. When control becomes instinctive and the field of view is clear, a new world comes into being: one that includes only the photographer and the subject, with nothing between them.
  • photo:Image that explains how the viewfinder looks - Information icons lie outside the frame

photo:Lots of prototypes on the floor

photo:Side view of grip of Digital camera LUMIX

Grasping the moment

To get the photographers’ ideal camera into their hands, we made prototype after prototype using 3D printing. We got feedback on what it felt like to hold, and built the results into improved prototypes. The result is a camera that feels really stable. Even fitted with a telephoto lens, the body is well balanced and is comfortable to use for an extended period. Since it’s easy to grip and steady in the hand, the camera helps photographers stay ready for those amazing shots. It’s all about grasping the moment and letting the story unfold.

photo:Digital camera LUMIX placed in front of the white and black horizon
  • photo:Design sketch of digital camera LUMIX
  • photo:Design sketch of digital camera LUMIX

The presence of a flagship

A great camera offers more than outstanding specifications. It has a look and feel that makes it a joy to use and own. The graceful form of each LUMIX S Series camera is built upon circles and horizontal and vertical lines, calling to mind advanced optical equipment. The proportions are balanced and the lens is emphasized. The knurling of the dials has been calculated to feel premium to the touch, while even the top case has been designed to perfectly match the lines of the lens. Each detail deepens the impression of high-precision design. The jet-black, leather-tone finish unifies the body and lens, an elegant finishing touch to this flagship camera. It’s hard not to pick it up and start taking pictures.

Crafted sounds

Featuring an exquisite balance of high and low tones, the sounds of the LUMIX S Series cameras have been precisely crafted to enhance the photographic experience, and to be audible to those experiencing age-related hearing loss. For the self-timer sound, the sampled cry of a deer pleasantly catches the attention of subjects and draws their gaze to the camera. To further enhance the sounds, the camera incorporates an enlarged speaker. The pleasing shutter sound represents the excitement of getting out and capturing the world in new ways.

photo:Top view of digital camera LUMIX

Light connects photographer and subject

The form of each lens emphasizes the gathering of light within the camera. This and the white graphic line on the top of the lens casing depict the path the light will take. As light enters the lens to connect photographer and subject, the potential of the creator is truly liberated. And the job of the camera is done.