Bringing new freedom to architecture  
- SmartArchi - Architectural Lighting


SmartArchi is an architectural lighting series that sees "light" as not only an indispensable part of the architect’s tool kit, but also an inspirational force that can drive architectural creativity. It broadly expands the creative freedom of the architect, from the three vantage points of scientific lighting methodology, design and light quality

A desire for space-enhancing lighting

In the late 1980s, the idea of lighting design began to gain a greater foothold in Japan, leading to demand for lighting that would enhance commercial and public spaces. Yet the majority of Panasonic's light fixtures for non-residential construction at that time had functional designs. This new demand set Panasonic to begin developing light fixtures with architectural designs.

写真:ペンダントライト Lighting up the creativity of architecture

But what sort of lighting would enhance the look of architecture? What sort of fixtures should they be, and what quality of light would be needed? Discussions went back and forth between product planning, sales, engineering and other departments to hit on the right ideas to launch a product brand suited to architectural design.

The idea was to create something more than just a functional light fixture, to create a synergistic effect that would light up the entire quality of a space once installed.This lifts the value of lighting design and sets the path for the future of architectural lighting.

"SmartArchi" appeared in 2004 as Panasonic's lighting series that would provide the solution to these questions. The concept was a lighting design "fully integrated with architecture." The philosophy of the series was developed with four areas of focus: "Light," "Design," "Materials and Quality," and "Spatial Environments." For the brand debut, a brand book was prepared as a summary of these ideas to inform them to people involved. This proved to be worth its weight in gold in promoting the brand.

写真:ソフトライトシリーズ Transforming elements, timeless elements

In 2012 the brand concept of SmartArchi was revamped to meet the changes in light source devices and architectural design fashions. The basic concept of "being fully integrated with architecture" was taken a stage further to create lighting environments suited to human needs while also being environmentally sound. New scientific indicators were developed and incorporated into the concept so that SmartArchi could provide lighting environments satisfying people's senses at a high level, both in terms of hardware and software.

写真:ダウンライト Integrating with architectural design to expand the design palette

Since its debut, the SmartArchi brand has stayed close to the needs of the times while retaining the same timeless philosophy, maintaining the same overriding concept.Based on a unified concept of light with a shared design style, we will continue to support the creation of high quality lighting for diverse architectural spaces. As an inspirational force that can drive architectural creativity, we hope to contribute to enhance environments with luxurious lighting and further the culture of lighting.