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The Role of PETEC

PETEC is engaged in reusing valuable natural resources through the flow of "produce → use → return → utilize," to reduce waste and recycle under the slogan of "product to product."

PETEC aims for "zero waste recycling." This is the basis for a recycling-oriented system consisting of "produce → use → return → utilize" so resources can be efficiently extracted from end-of-life appliances and re-used as materials for new products.

See details about "Recycling Processes."

The keywords are "Treasure Hunting"

PETEC's role is truly that of a treasure hunter. We recover as many high-quality, recyclable materials as possible — as if we were hunting for treasure in home appliances that have reached the end of their service life.

For example, when discarding a TV that no longer works, the consumer (i.e., the disposer) requests the service of a retail store as prescribed in the Home Appliance Recycling Law, and pays the store to pick up and dispose of the TV. There are four product categories designated under the law—TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators/freezers, and washing machines—and the volume of these types of end-of-life consumer products that are collected in Japan has reached 15.261 million units annually (source: FY2021 actual collection figures from the Association for Electric Home Appliances).

These used home appliances that are recovered from households end up at recycling plants throughout Japan, and PETEC is one of these plants.

"product to product" through recycling

We are called upon today to establish a recycling-oriented society that wisely uses Earth's limited resources so we can pass on a rich, natural environment to the next generation. PETEC is actively involved in reducing waste and restoring resources in order to meet requests to come a step closer to such a future.

For PETEC, a broken TV is not just waste. This is because the various materials that the TV is made from, such as glass and metal, are resources that can be used again. PETEC sorts and recovers these recyclable materials from end-of-life products for use as materials to once again manufacture new products.

This is the "product to product" recycling that PETEC is aiming for. In other words, this is recycling to help achieve zero waste by creating a precious raw material cycle of "produce → use → return → utilize," instead of the one-way flow of "produce → use → dispose."

To achieve this, PETEC focuses on researching and developing new recycling technology. In addition, the knowledge gained at actual recycling sites is shared with the R&D Departments of the Panasonic Group and its group subsidiaries, and this knowledge serves as feedback for designing new products.

You can see the PETEC pamphlet here.

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