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Corporate Profile

Introducing our corporate profile, location, history and other basic PETEC information.

Corporate Profile

Panasonic Eco Technology Center Co., Ltd.
50 Saho, Kato-city, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan 673-1447
Yoshihiro Kitahira
Recycling of used home appliances, development, and verification of recycling technology
Products handled
designated products under the Home Appliance Recycling Law:
Flat-panel TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators/freezers and washing machines/clothes dryers
April 4, 2000
Launched operations
April 1, 2001
Area of site
approx 38,570 square meters
Floor space of structure
approx 15,100 square meters
400 million yen



April 2000
Found Matsushita Eco Technology Center in Kato Gun,Hyogo,Japan with a capital of 100 million yen
April 2001
Start recycling of end-of-life home appliances such as TV,AC,WM,RE
Increase the capital to 400 million yen
December 2001
Award "Excellent Factory Prize 2001" by Nikkei Inc.
March 2002
Obtained ISO14001 certification (Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality)
November 2002
Achieve recycling of 1 million units in total
October 2003
Obtained license as industrial waste disposal contractor
November 2003
Award "Wastec 2003"
July 2004
Factory tour participants reached the 30,000 mark
October 2004
Award "President of Clean Japan Center"
at Commendation of Recourse Cycle Technology and System
June 2005
Add "5. the business regarding treatment of industrial waste" to the articles of association
April 2006
Commended by Hyogo prefecture for the contribution of social welfare business
July 2006
Factory tour participants reached the 50,000 mark
April 2007
Achieve recycling of 4 million units in total
February 2008
Developed organic material decomposition recycling technology based on a catalytic reaction
October 2008
Matsushita Eco Technology Center Co., Ltd. changed its name to Panasonic Eco Technology Center Co., Ltd.
October 2008
Achieve recycling of 5 million units in total
October 2008
Awarded the Resource Recycling Technology/System Prize, and The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau Chief's Prize
January 2009
Factory tour participants reached the 80,000 mark
March 2009
Awarded Environment goo Kids Section Award
April 2009
Flat-panel TV and clothes dryers were added to the scope of recycling
July 2009
Developed PF separation technology with laser processing for CRT
October 2009
Achieved recycling of 6 millions units in total
November 2009
Factory tour participants reached the 90,000 mark
August 2010
Achieved recycling of 7 millions units in total
August 2010
Factory tour participants reached the 100,000 mark
September 2010
Developed high-precision resin separating system
April 2011
Achieved recycling of 8 millions units in total
May 2011
High-precision resin separating system awarded for Industry Technology Award by Osaka Industrial Research Association
May 2011
Developed highly efficient refrigerator line which can handle various types
September 2011
Factory tour participants reached the 110,000 mark
March 2012
Achieved recycling of 9 million units in total
March 2012
Developed Neodymium recovery technology from outdoor unit of air conditioner
August 2012
Factory tour participants reached the 120,000 mark
March 2013
Developed a highly efficient recycle line for quickly processing tilted drum washing machines, as was previously developed for conventional, vertical drum models
July 2013
Achieved recycling of 10 million units in total
October 2013
Factory tour participants reached the 130,000 mark
June 2014
Improved high-precision resin separating system to enable simultaneous separation of three resin types
October 2014
Factory tour participants reached the 140,000 mark
Ceremony marked the completion of the PETEC Tojo Base and the Tojo Factory of Panasonic Production Engineering Co., Ltd.
February 2015
Received a Letter of Appreciation from the Social Welfare Service Corporation, National Social Welfare Corporation, for supporting the work of physically disabled persons
April 2015
CRT TV recycling ended at PETEC
August 2015
Received the Hyogo Universal Society Building Award (Director's Award for the Universal Society Building Hyogo Promotion Conference)
October 2015
Received the METI Minister Award for Asset Recycling Technologies and Systems
November 2015
Factory tour participants reached the 150,000 mark
January 2016
In order to reorganize the refrigerator line to cope with product changes, a non-chlorofluorocarbon-gas dedicated crushing line was newly added
October 2016
Factory tour participants reached the 160,000 mark
June 2017
Achieved recycling of 13 million units in total

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