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Heatexchange Unit


HEAT EXCHANGE TYPE COOLING UNIT Create the best heat solution for Radio Base Station

Interior heat is radiated to the outside air to cool the inside without involving any exchange of air.To protect communications equipment, control systems, and other units from damaging dust particles, a heat exchange element is interposed and internal air is circulated to cool the interior without allowing outside air in.

Panasonic heat exchange technology and history

We at Panasonic have been developing equipment of air to air heat exchange equipment for nearly 30 years. The heat exchange element in its earliest form was mounted in ventilating fans for home use to cut the energy used for air conditioning. With the mounting social awareness of the need to save energy, we have also been developing and marketing air to air heat exchanger use in office buildings, eating and drinking places, theaters, and other locations.
At the advent of the 21st century, more and more energy is being consumed by information-related equipment, driven by huge sales of mobile phones, and the expansion of information services including the internet. In an effort to address these issues, we have developed a HEX (Heat Exchange Unit) formobile phone base stations as well as using heat exchange technologies that we have been refining over our long years of experience in the field. Our HEX as a cooling device has received very favorable reviews for its outstanding heat exchange efficiency, low noise, and its feature of requiring only a small power drive for operation.

Global Home Business > Eco Solutions > Air Conditioning and Purification > Heatexchange Unit