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Heatexchange Unit

Core Technology

■ Plastic element: The Panasonic HEX chiefly uses plastics. Plastic molding enables optimum design and machining of the air path shape, thus achieving a high heat exchange rate. It is superior to metal in terms of reduction in weight and ease of maintenance.
■ Motor design: A motor optimized for the system is designed by applying Panasonic's outstanding skills in motor technologies accumulated over many years.
■ Custom-made designs: Designs are optimized for each customer. To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, Panasonic provides a thermal solution even from the early stages of designing the base station enclosure.
■ Digital engineering: We make full use of IT and use computer-based digital data for developing products at all stages of research, analysis, and assessment. This enables an optimized design that is tuned to the features of the product.
■ Development, test, and manufacture: When producing HEXs, Panasonic integrates a series of processes to meet the customer' specific needs for reliability in quality and delivery, including the stages of development, design, manufacture, and shipment.
■Test: At the development stage, extremely stringent performance tests are conducted using our outstanding anechoic chamber, thermostatic chamber, and air flow chamber, to ensure that the product complies with the specifications and requirements specified by the customer. All HEXs that come off the production line at the factory go through a very stringent line inspection procedure before delivery to the customers.

OA(Outside Air),SA(Supply Air)/RA(Return Air),EA(Exhaust Air) HEX core,Fan Motor

Air masses with different temperatures flow along both sides of the heat conduction plate, and heat is transferred by means of thermal conduction. 15C cooling (max. heat exchange rate of 75%) Heat conduction plate Base station return air:30C..Base station supply air:15C / Outside air:10C..Exhaust air:25C

Global Home Business > Eco Solutions > Air Conditioning and Purification > Heatexchange Unit > Core Technology