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Heatexchange Unit

Base stations & features

HEX for base stations
  Air conditioners have up to now been used for removing heat generated by communications equipment that installed inside large-scale base station enclosures with a hermetically-sealed heat insulation structure. These air conditioners are very often run throughout the year, which poses a major problem of how to cut down on energy consumption also creating Freon gas. We at Panasonic have developed a cooling system that uses cold air to cool hot air by means of efficient heat exchange, driven by the difference in thermal energy between the air outside the enclosure and the air inside it. This cooling system does not use CFCs.
In response to growing demands for better performance and the further reduction in size of base stations, there is a mounting need for even more compact cooling systems that run at high efficiency and at low noise to provide solutions for handling the heat generated inside. To meet these needs, we at Panasonic provide users with HEXs that are optimally designed to suit the specific needs of each individual customer.

Panasonic features

Air-to-air heat exchange cooling system ■ High heat exchange efficiency:
Thanks to the counter-flow heat exchange element, developed uniquely by Panasonic, a heat exchange efficiency of 75% has been achieved, the top level in the industry.
■ Low noise: The system realizes the industry' lowest noise output thanks to Panasonic's own fan motor technologies and expertise accumulated over long years of research into optimum air path design.
■ Air-tightness: The inside of the enclosures is hermetically sealed from the outside air. The inside of the base station is therefore completely free from dust, harmful substances, and moisture contained in the outside air that adversely affect the communications equipment.
■ Custom-design: Panasonic proposes an optimum HEX system that best suits the customer's specific requirements.
■ Eco-friendly: The system is eco-friendly, since it uses no CFCs and minimizes energy input as much as feasible throughout. The heat exchange element is made of a single type of resin, which makes it 100% recyclable. Naturally, it complies with RoHS, the global environmental standard.
■ Long service life and easy maintenance: Each individual part now offers even greater reliability and durability. The system is extremely easy to maintain, since it uses no refrigerant circuits.

- Application - Cooling unit (climate unit) for cellular phone radio base station
Cooling unit for FTTH (Fiber to the flame) base station

Global Home Business > Eco Solutions > Air Conditioning and Purification > Heatexchange Unit > Base satations and features