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Although living space is rather confined, Japanese people effectively kept their homes tidy, while appreciating and making good use of traditional storage techniques and knowhow – "nesting", "Japanese-style chest of drawers" and "storerooms". Through the introduction of nature to their daily lives, a healthy lifestyle is achieved.
This traditional Japanese is filled with excellent tips for solving everyday life problems of people around the world. At Panasonic we have been involved in the housing industry of Japan for about half a century and during the course of that involvement, we have actively incorporated ideas derived from Japan's unique lifestyle, to our housing equipment products. Concept of shimau* - key to Japanese lifestyle that is efficient yet does not compromise the quality of living space.
"SHI・MA・U" smart storage is a playful storage that provides a fun twist in taking items out.
From Panasonic to the world. We will provide inspiring Japanese ideas on a better way of living.

*Shimau : Japanese traditional practice of storing valuable items to specific storage spaces for safekeeping.

Panasonic storage style from traditional Japanese way of life

1All items should have its own place to be stored

We respect Japanese traditional storage style "SHIMAU" and propose the style to
store items in its own appropriate place.

2Easy to reach the items

By using our products customers can see and reach the stored items easily.
We realized this by developing Japanese traditional storage "Nando".
This helps customers to reduce unnecessary items and use items for a long time. We believe we can contribute to the further development of idea to take care of a thing.

3Create tidy and clean space

Ancient Japanese kept their living space tidy and clean by making an effective use of storage space like "Nando and Kura". We believe that this is also possible in our modern lives, even if the storage items had increased. Our products based on the idea of smart storage with a sense of fun will keep the living space clean and tidy.

Original Analysis software "Digital Human"

We have developed original analysis software "Digital Human"
that can quantify physical load and visualize it by color for
thorough analysis to identify the best position where store items
can be seen and taken out easily.

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