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Here we present Panasonic's globally deployed LED lighting technologies and know-how, including Feu,an independently developed unit that measures people's subjective perception of brightness, Symphony Lighting that creates interior atmosphere with a combination of various types of lighting, and Lighting Knowledge required for effective lighting design.

Panasonic LED Technology

  • Human Sense of
    Space Brightness “Feu”

    Human Sense of Space Brightness “Feu”

    “Feu” makes it possible to express, in concrete terms, the “human sense of space brightness,” which cannot be achieved with “illuminance,” the conventional index of brightness.
    It is a new approach that promises to facilitate both energy conservation and the design of pleasant, comfortable light environments.

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  • Symphony Lighting

    Symphony Lighting

    Our engineers have developed an analytic system that moves beyond simple lighting design to quantify the psychological and physiological effects of lighting on occupants in a room. This enables Panasonic to measure both Perceived Brightness and Perceived Comfort, creating a more efficient and enjoyable lighting arrangement.

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  • Lighting Knowledge

    Lighting Knowledge

    This section offers explanations of specialized terminology required for formulation of lighting plans, as well as basic information on types of lighting fixtures, illumination principles, etc.

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