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Lighting Design

"Light" is very important in our life

Lighting is an important factor increating a tranquil atmosphere. By effectively combining various lights and distributing them in aplanned manner, we can create a quality environment suitable for allliving needs and interests.

  • Overall Lighting
  • Lighting for relaxation
  • Lighting for TV area
  • Lighting for dining area

Helps to create quality atmosphere in room with many lights

In comparison to a room with only one light in the middle, a room litby many lights and lighting fixtures highlighting the surface of the walls and the table creates a feeling of happiness and tranquillity. The effective combination of many kinds of lighting creates a luxurious atmosphere.

When starting to design Symphony lighting, it is essential to select the fixtures at an early stage since these fixtures need to be positioned based on the location of the power lines inside the house and a lot of equipment needs to be replaced if necessary. We encourage you to make your lighting plans right when you plan your house

Introduction video for easy understanding of Lighting Design for each room.