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LED Stadium Lighting

Jakarta, Indonesia

Sports Facility

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[Last updated on: May 25, 2023]

Indonesia Opens New Stadium with the Largest Capacity in the Country

On July 24, 2022, Jakarta International Stadium, a new landmark in Indonesia was unveiled. Located in Tanjung Priok, north of the capital city of Jakarta, it became the largest multi-functional stadium with a retractable roof in Indonesia*1 with a capacity of 82,000 people. It also became one of the tallest stadiums in the world with a maximum ceiling height of 86 meters. In addition to sporting events such as soccer matches, the stadium is also suitable for concerts and other entertainment events.

Panasonic was responsible for the lighting design of the Jakarta International Stadium and delivered 340 stadium floodlights*2, 30,000 pixel lights, and 1,780 exterior and facade lights. We were also responsible for the renovation of the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta, which was the venue for the 2018 Asian Games. Jakarta International Stadium is the fifth international competition-level stadium project in Indonesia that Panasonic has worked on.

  • *1. As of March 2023
  • *2. Total of 268 units for the main stadium and 72 units for the training fields (two locations)

Athletes-First Stadium: Brilliant Lighting
While Reducing Glare for Players

For large-scale stadium illumination, LED floodlights can light-up stadiums brilliantly, enhancing dramatic moments with vivid lighting effects while also saving energy.
For this project, Panasonic installed 268 stadium LED floodlights in the main stadium and 36 LED floodlights in each of its two training fields. The lighting for the main stadium has been designed to meet vertical illuminance standards,*3 which are important for video and television broadcasts, as well as for the ease of the athletes on the field of competition. We positioned the LED floodlights at a height of 65 meters and ensured that the vertical illuminance standards set by FIFA were met while minimizing glare that can interfere with the performance of athletes through precise design of light distribution. We were able to provide the optimal light environment for the best performance by athletes through combining the two seemingly contradictory goals of producing even brightness to meet broadcast standards and minimizing distracting glare for players.

  • *3. The amount of light reaching the vertical surfaces surrounding the athletes (illuminance). Vertical illuminance allows people to see players’ faces and detailed movements on video and television screens.

LED Floodlights Light-up the Stadium with Lighting Effects
While Also Realizing Energy Savings

LEDs can be turned on and off and dimmed instantly. With DMX*4 control, you can make lights look like they’re moving, or easily make them blink in time with music or videos. This makes it possible to create a variety of lighting effects to meet the stadium’s production needs. Furthermore, the use of LEDs reduces power consumption by about 50% compared to conventional lighting, contributing to significant energy savings.

  • *4. DMX: A communication standard for dimming and controlling lighting fixtures

DMX Operation Interface

DMX Control Allows You to Pre-program All Kinds of Lighting Effects

Illuminating a Gigantic Stadium
Creating a More Vivid and Dramatic Environment

On the exterior walls of the stadium, 30,000 DMX-controlled pixel lights and 1,780 facade lights are used. This enables the use of a variety of creative options such as full-color effects and message displays, creating a new sense of vitality and unity not only for the spectators who visit the stadium, but also for the entire community.

We are pleased that we could help make sporting and entertainment events more environmentally friendly and attractive at Jakarta International Stadium by providing the most advanced and high-performance lighting system. Panasonic will continue to provide even better lighting solutions utilizing innovative technologies.

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