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Smart LED Lighting Solution

Maharashtra, India

Public light

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Smart LED System

  • LED Street Light(90W/120W)

[Last updated on: June 1, 2021]

Smart LED lighting solution for the smart city.

The twin city Kalyan-Dombivali is short listed in the one of the hundred cities to be developed in to a smart city under government’s Smart City Mission. For the pilot project developed by Smart Kalyan-Dombivali Development Corporation, Panasonic delivered 161 smart LED street lights to upgrade the existing sodium vapor lamps to more efficient and intelligent “smart LED street lights”.

Panasonic’s lighting solution not only succeeded in reducing electricity consumption for approximately 50% but also realized individual monitoring and control of the lighting, which drastically makes investigation and maintenance more efficient and smooth.

Reduction of electricity charges and management costs with intelligent street lighting solution.

Sodium lamps were used for the conventional lights in the area. The Smart Kalyan Dombivli Development Corporation required a solution that could achieve both reduction of electricity charges and management labor. As a solution, Panasonic provided smart LED street lights to meet these requirements.

The smart street lights can be remotely monitored and controlled by any device having internet access, program the streets light for changing situation, monitor individual parameters, control dimming, manage assets, generate actionable reports, analyze, optimize and much more.

Before: Sodium vapor lamps

After: Smart LED street lights

Streets have become brighter and safer for drivers and pedestrians

If an abnormality such as lights not turning on due to natural disaster occurs with the equipment, it is immediately alerted, making it possible to significantly streamline and facilitate investigations and maintenance. In addition to being able to check the usage status at any time with the dashboard with an easy-to-understand UI, it can also generate reports summarizing the usage status. The monitoring management and reports enable them to quickly identify problems and areas for improvement, and ensure that each fixture is always lit in optimal conditions. This is a street light solution that matches the “Smart City Mission”. 

Panasonic keeps providing better lighting solutions to make the city more comfortable and sustainable.

Benefits of “Smart LED” system

Dashboard for remote monitoring and control

Image of "Smart LED street lights" system

"The citizens will definitely have benefits."

Mr. Prashant R Bhagat 
General Manager Information Technology, Smart Kalyan-Dombivali Development Corporation

Mr. Prashant R Bhagat

"The advantage of smart street light is that whenever we got problems, we get notified via the software, the individual controller knows whether the individual light is on or off, or whether the voltage has fluctuation or not. In case it stops working, even if no one registers a complaint, the engineer can go there and solve the issue. Also the time spent behind investigation won’t be required at all. Furthermore, the electricity consumption is 50% less in LED and still provides fantastic brightness."

Products for Solutions

LED Street Light(90W/120W)

LED Street Light(90W/120W)