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Indoor Air Solution for Residences

Selangor, Malaysia

Serviced Apartment(MIRAI RESIDENCES)

Products for Solutions

  • Ventilation System
  • Supply Air Fan
  • Air conditioners with nanoe™ technology

[Last updated on: May 15, 2020]

We provide healthier, more comfortable lifestyles by using our unique air quality technologies.

This is Panasonic’s first real estate development of land and lots in Malaysia. There is a growing interest in the quality of air in Malaysia, which suffers from haze and a variety of other air pollution problems. On the other hand, the density of buildings and rising cost of housing, as well as the reduction in residential lot size, is accompanying a decrease in land area, which is also increasing pollution in room air. In order to maintain family health, it is necessary to ventilate the room air regularly, but during periods of haze, the windows must remain closed, thus limiting sufficient ventilation.

In the 1,496 condominiums of MIRAI RESIDENCES, Panasonic utilized the Quality Air For Life (QAFL) concept promoted in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) from 2017. Combining an air conditioner and total heat exchanger, it keeps the room air clean.
By providing two Panasonic air conditioners and a heat exchanger system (or a ventilation system) as standard equipment in each condominium, It refreshes the indoor air with almost 95% of PM2.5 being removed. At that time, heat and humidity are exchanged so that the air does not mix between the hot air brought in from outdoors and the air that is cooled by the air conditioner. As a result, the outside air is cooled, and it is taken indoors in a dehumidified state, which leads to improved energy-saving performance of the air conditioner.

nanoe™ technology of the air conditioner can also be used when the air conditioner is not being operated to deactivate PM2.5 and suppress room odors. By designing the system to totally control and ventilate the room air, it achieves a comfortable and healthy room space.

Quality Air for Life Concept

Panasonic Air Solutions

Energy recovery ventilator (ERV)

This energy-efficient ventilation method minimizes the energy lost in air conditioning.

Simultaneously supplying and exhausting air on a mechanical basis allows heat and humidity to be exchanged, reducing air conditioning costs.

Supply air filter minimizes intrusion of mold spores, pollen, etc.

The outside air duct features a supply air filter that minimizes the intrusion of a wide variety of air contaminants, including mold spores and pollen.

By means of a comprehensive contract, the construction period and quality are guaranteed.

In 2015, a company called “Panasonic Homes MKH Malaysia Company” was formed between Panasonic and a collaborating company. A venture company named “MKH Property Ventures” handles construction under contract, and a Group Company performs design, construction, sales, after-sales service, and comprehensive collaboration, and guarantees the contract period and quality.

Products for Solutions

Ventilation System

Ventilation System

Supply Air Fan

Supply Air Fan

Air conditioners with nanoe™ technology

Air conditioners with nanoe™ technology