Lighting the way to a better world

Lighting the way to a better world Panasonic LED

Light does not only illuminate objects. It also dramatically enhances the atmosphere of living spaces as well as allows for the occupants to feel more relaxed and at ease. LED lighting, in particular, offers greater energy savings along with higher color rendering properties, opening up a new realm of possibilities.
For over 60 years, Panasonic has continued to advance lighting in terms of technology, quality, and design methods for spaces. Panasonic now enjoys a proven track record as a trusted, first-choice brand of lighting products in Japan.*
"Panasonic LED" will continue to achieve greater energy savings while enriching various living spaces and urban environments around the world.
Experience for yourself how our LED lighting products add value to any application.

*Panasonic survey in September 2014


Uncompromised quality following stringent internal safety standards
along with international standards to ensure long-term reliability.

Most selected, trusted brand*

For over 60 years in Japan, Panasonic lighting fixtures consistently maintained a commitment to the highest possible quality.

*Panasonic survey in September 2014 (in Japanese market)


Panasonic LED lights operate stably even if there is an unstable power supply or voltage fluctuation. Moreover, highly durable materials are used to allow for excellent brightness levels over a long period of time.

Fire retardant

Fire retardant materials are used to prevent a fire even when the lighting fixture is close to the end of its service life, ensuring long-term reliable quality.


Uniformly bright light and distinct shadows provides maximum lighting
quality to create living environments with more beauty.

Beautiful illumination

Optimally designed LED module and lens configurations allow for uniform brightness and color. The One-core LED Module eliminates multiple shadows. These features combine to provide maximum beauty for light and shadows.

Beautiful color

The color of objects look more beautiful and natural with high color rendering (CRI80 of more) and with Panasonic's light wavelength control technology. Panasonic researches the best way to produce color tones which the human eye finds most appealing.


The spectrum image is provided for reference only.

Vivid Light LED

The spectrum image is provided for reference only.


Optimal lighting solutions created with Panasonic Lighting
design methods for spaces make everyday living more comfortable.

Different Lighting arrangements enhance your lifestyle

The "Symphony Lighting" way of lighting design enhances a living space by combining and changing the use of light in a skillful manner by placing lights in key locations, creating scenes, and using both dimming and color tuning.

Lighting effects created through psychological and physiological research

Panasonic researches how different lighting arrangements Mentally and physiologically affect humans. Lighting can enhance the sense of relaxation in living spaces, create a sense of cleanliness, and help to make sleep / waking more comfortable.

The Science of comfortable brightness

Panasonic-developed Feu is a quantitative measuring system that evaluates the brightness of a room as perceived by the human eye. This scientific approach delivers greater energy savings while maintaining the most appropriate light level.

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