Industrial Lighting

More savings starts from Lighting

The pursuit of greater savings commences with illumination. Within a factory that operates ceaselessly throughout the day, the allocation of electricity dedicated to lighting constitutes a substantial proportion. Panasonic presents a solution that addresses this matter with utmost convenience and efficiency, offering a diverse range of high-quality lighting products.

Panasonic Advanced Features

Running Cost Comparison

LED lighting can reduce power consumption drastically compared to conventional lighting.
Compared to the old LED model, the new LED model improves the efficacy.

Special Application Fixtures

Panasonic offers a variety of fixtures that can be used for special applications such as cleanrooms, high/low temperature areas, chemical factories, and HACCP facilities.


Prevention of dust is one of the most important requirements when designing cleanroom spaces. Panasonic has specially developed fixtures to meet these requirements. Panasonic can also offer yellow light fixtures which are ideal for semiconductor factories.

High Bay Dust Proof

Baselight for Clean room

Yellow Light Bar

*Available in select countries

High/Low Temperature Area

Extreme temperature areas such as a steel plant or a refrigerated warehouse could significantly damage and shorten normal fixture lifetimes. Panasonic offers wide temperature fixtures that can withstand severe temperature areas while still maintaining a long lifetime.

Ex High Bay Wide Temperature (-40℃~60℃)

Baselight High Temperature Environment

Baselight Low Temperature Environment

*Available in select countries

Machinery Area

Areas prone to oil mist are recommended to use resin-free, vapor-tight fixtures. Panasonic can offer qualified Oil Mist Proof fixtures to avoid any deterioration.

Ex High Bay Oil Mist Proof

*Available in select countries


Hygiene management through HACCP guidelines is required especially for food production facilities. Panasonic offers proper fixtures that minimizes dust, and utilizes anti-scattering plastic covers.

Baselight for HACCP

*Available in select countries

Basic Lighting Design Proposal

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