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Apr 22 2013


  • The "ENERGETIC ENERGIES" installation exhibited by Panasonic from April 9, 2013, was closed on April 14. Right up to the last day, a large number of customers visited our exhibition site, and approximately 23,000 people in total came to view it during the exhibition period. Thank you very much for your support.

    Here are some of comments we received from media reporters.

    ● I really enjoyed viewing the exhibition, the content of which has been gradually extended around a single theme. I doubt that any other exhibitor has used this concept of developing a theme in an exhibition like this, and I am sure that, after viewing Panasonic’s exhibition every year, this installation really conveys its message to viewers. I really hope that Panasonic will be able to continue.(Mr Uchida, reporter of CONFORT)

    ● Mr Hirata's aspirations are expressed in this exhibition, but also it is the expression of his dreams that Panasonic will be able to realize this, isn't it? I truly hope that his aspiration will be realized. (Mr Matsubara, reporter of Casa BRUTUS)

    ● The installation was beautiful. I think that this installation is the best one in the last six years of exhibitions that I have been to. This one is related to last year's exhibition, and expresses very well the concepts and messages of both Panasonic and Mr Hirata in well-balanced form.(Mr Ikai, freelance journalist)

    As above the comments mention, we once again realized the importance of continuing to update and promote a concept.

    We are hoping to display another more improved installation next year.
    Thank you very much to everyone who visited and supported Panasonic’s installation.

Apr 11 2013

A new project: 「ECO Learning Program」

  • A new project called the “ECO Learning Program” was held at 2 schools: at the “Scuola Elementare Scarpa” and ”Scuola Primaria San Luigi” primary schools.

    Proximally 100 children took part in the program.In the classes, we used three types of lamps: Incandescent light, Fluorescent light and LED. Using these lamps the children learned the mechanism of lighting; also they discovered hints about energy saving through experiments using hand generators.

    Moreover, we will provide a craft class of making LED paper-covered lamp stands as a part of the program. Through this class the children will experience the joy of making things.

    We invited children to University of Milan and showed them our concept installation. We think that children learned many things through this class. We would like to continue these classes in other countries all around the world.

Apr 10 2013

Ken Mogi visited the Panasonic concept installation

Apr 9 2013


Mar 27 2013

Solar Panels Shaping the Look of Cities and Energy Resources in the Future

  • Milano Salone -- held every April in Milan, Italy -- is one of the world's largest design exhibitions. This year will mark the sixth consecutive year of Panasonic's participation in the event, which attracts next-generation creators and pundits from around the globe. As a corporation firmly at the forefront of developing energy solutions for the future, Panasonic is continually evaluating its presence on the world stage. For the second straight year, architect Akihisa Hirata was chosen to design Panasonic's installation, which will be a massive 30-meter energy landscape that leads into a hallway of a building at the prestigious University of Milan.
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