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Introducing Fujisawa SST – A town sustainably evolving through living ideas

The world is currently facing many problems.
Population growth in emerging nations is impacting the environment, including depleting natural resources and increasing CO2 emissions.
Communities in developed nations are declining due to aging populations, and there is a need to convert to renewable energy sources to counter electricity shortages.
A common point for both developed and emerging nations is the lifestyles of urban residents,
and the key point for improvement is to make the towns smarter.
Now we are developing Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (Fujisawa SST) in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
This joint project of both the private and public sectors involves Panasonic,
other partner companies that are developing advanced smart city initiatives, and Fujisawa City itself.
The project began with experiments on smart technologies before evolving into the unique concept of an actual smart town where as many as 1,000 households will live.
It is innovation based not simply on infrastructure,
but on the way people actually live.
Innovation designed to supply customer value in living spaces.
Innovation by creating a town management company that will continually introduce the latest services and technologies to ensure the town's sustainability.
The “Fujisawa model” is a revolutionary town-creation scheme that will bring energy to life, enhancing people's lives with solar power, security, mobility, community, and healthcare. Fujisawa SST is our message to people and to the world that these problems could be solved. In the spring of 2014, energy will be brought to life in a sustainable smart town that will open its doors to a new age of hope.


FujisawaSST Press conference

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Utilizing Sunlight and Breeze throughout the Entire town in Fujisawa

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11,2011,
there has been increasing public demand for an energy paradigm shift to renewable energy solutions that are less vulnerable in times of disaster and have smaller environmental impacts, as primary energy sources to support everyday living.
Under the new slogan of “self-creation and self-consumption of energy”, the Fujisawa SST project will provide energy services designed to perfectly complement lifestyles through to the next generation, enabling residents to generate the energy that they use in their own homes, through optimal utilization of solar power generation and other tools.
Detached houses to accommodate some 600 households are to be constructed in the town.
Each will be equipped with a solar power generation system and storage battery units.
The houses will be designed so as to make possible lifestyles based on “self-creation and self-consumption of energy” through the “SMARTHEMS™ (Home Energy Management System)”.
All residents of this Fujisawa SST will be able to start enjoying eco-friendly and smart lifestyles, underpinned by optimal and stable utilization of renewable energy sources.
Fujisawa SST is intended to be a sustainable smart town that achieves independent and symbiotic energy management aiming for maximum energy efficiency through state-of-the-art smart houses designed to thoroughly promote self-creation and self-consumption of energy.
Flexible response to changes in the power supply environment and in people's lifestyles will enable adaptation to future energy usage behavior.


Utilizing Sunlight and Breeze throughout the Entire town in Fujisawa

Detached houses in Fujisawa SST to be equipped with a complete SMARTHEMS™, integrating solar power generation, storage batteries and other devices aimed at the future

Every detached house in Fujisawa SST will be equipped with a solar power generation system and storage batteries. Devices for managing power consumption by home appliances will be integrated into a complete SMARTHEMS™ (Home Energy Management System) aimed at the future. This will be a smart house that is comfortable and eco-friendly to live in and enables optimal control of household energy consumption while utilizing, around the clock, electricity generated from Fujisawa's sunlight. Customers can choose between all-electric and fuel cell types, according to which type best meets their particular lifestyle energy needs. This is how we aim to realize “independent and symbiotic energy management,” with which people generate their own home-use energy and utilize it in an efficient and smart manner.

Panasonic's SMARTHEMS™ enables smart management of household energy use

The characteristics of Panasonic's SMARTHEMS™ are “visualization” of household energy consumption and “automatic control” of electric equipment through combined monitoring of all devices. The smart management of the household energy flow achieves both a comfortable lifestyle and energy efficiency. It is also planned to enable, in the near future, power stored in the batteries of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid cars to be used as power supplies to the house.

Comprehensive utilization of natural resources in association with homebuilding concepts and technologies

A family can contribute to environment-friendliness simply by living in a comfortable house that utilizes wind power, sunlight, water, ambient heat and other natural resources of Fujisawa. Passive technologies enable such lifestyles by admitting sunlight and natural breeze into the house, thereby realizing a highly pleasant in-home environment with a smaller energy requirement. This concept of “passiveness” incorporates traditional knowledge about homebuilding, such as the thatched roofs used on traditional Japanese houses. It is introduced into modern living through cutting-edge technologies such as housing design that maximizes utilization of natural resources, heat insulation and heat shields, ventilation systems, etc. In addition to the above, the houses will also be equipped to achieve optimal energy management efficiency through active devices for energy creation, storage and saving. The active devices and passive technologies will enable comfortable and eco-friendly living throughout the entire house, with environmental load minimized through a synergistic effect.

Expanding from individual houses to groups of buildings and, ultimately, to the entire Fujisawa SST area

Advanced and independent houses achieve self-creation and self-consumption of energy. In due course, consideration will be given to expanding the concept beyond individual houses that are independent in energy terms to groups of such buildings and, eventually, to an entire area with such functions. In this way, the Fujisawa SST concept of an “independent and symbiotic energy management” will make valuable contributions to people, society, and the global environment.

Lit-up for hope during emergency

The importance of uninterrupted power supply was brought to us through the tragic experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
People depend on electric power for everyday living and its supply should never be interrupted, even in a time of emergency.
Panasonic sees consistent, reliable power supply as another theme and mission of the sustainable smart town project.
In Fujisawa SST, all homes will have functioning lights in the event of an emergency.
Families will have energy sources available for information media such as mobile phones and tablets, and means of transportation such as electric vehicles, EV bikes, and electric-assisted bicycles.
In Fujisawa SST, homes will remain lit to help keep inhabitants' hopes and spirits up during an emergency.

Lit-up for hope during emergency

Proprietary system linking solar power generation and storage batteries enables life to go on without power interruption during an emergency

Risk of a power outage during an emergency cannot be hedged if a solar power generation system and storage batteries are installed as separate system. Solar power system itself is not capable of providing a stable supply of energy at night or in bad weather. Storage battery units cannot be charged during blackouts, once all stored power has been used up. The key is to link energy creation and energy storage. In Fujisawa SST, repetitive circulation between energy creation by the solar power generation system and power storage in batteries will enable consistent supply of electricity during an emergency. The proprietary energy management system will also continue to allocate electricity to pre-set main lights, refrigerators, TVs and other essential equipment and appliances.

With its smart community solar system and other smart equipment, town will be prepared for emergency

In the south of the town, a smart community solar power generation system will be installed on land for public use. Under normal circumstances, this system will feed power into power grids and contribute to low-carbon lifestyles in the region. However, in the event of a disaster, it will become an emergency power source for Fujisawa SST and neighboring areas. Furthermore, the community hall to be located in the central park will be equipped with a solar power generation system and storage batteries, and will be available for use as a shelter for residents of the town and nearby areas. The town will have a number of equipments for “bringing new energy” during an emergency, including street lights equipped with a solar generation system, storage batteries at a battery station as a valuable power source, etc.

Protecting town residents's afety and security with invisible gates

The “gated town” is a security-oriented residential concept that has been introduced into towns in Japan and other countries.
In a gated town, security is enhanced through installation of boom barriers and security gates at entrances, and by strictly restricting the coming and going of vehicles and pedestrians.
Although a fort-like, guarded town may be physically secure, the protective measures can also give rise to a sense of cloistered unease among residents.
Fujisawa SST will realize the concept of a “virtual gated town”, a new model of security that delivers a higher level of safety without hemming in the town with gates and barriers.
The absence of physical walls relieves residents from psychological oppression, and facilitates more efficient communication among townsfolk. Thus, the town will also provide “warm” security based on mutual exchange and consideration.
Children will be able to play, safely and without anxiety, in the open atmosphere of Fujisawa SST.


Protecting town residents's afety and security with invisible gates

Ensuring security of the entire town through combination of surveillance cameras, lights, and human patrols

Surveillance cameras and lights will be effectively installed at the entrance to the town, public buildings, shady areas in the park, crossings on main streets, etc. These “invisible gates” will work to guard the town on a 24-7 basis, and establish town security with higher levels of reassurance and safety. Combining these facilities with patrols by “Security concierges”, will give the town comprehensive security in an open atmosphere. And, street layouts designed to minimize vehicular through traffic will also contribute to secure and safe town planning through traffic safety.

Brighter LED street lights when someone approaches - security and eco-friendliness

Installed in optimal locations, LED street lights with sensors will dim when there is nobody around at night. But when a passerby is detected, they will provide sufficient brightness to illuminate not only the area directly beneath, but also two or three steps ahead, thus realizing both security and eco-friendliness. These LED “lights will establish a reassuring and safe environment for people who come home late at night, joggers, and all other residents.

A security approach aimed at providing comprehensive reassurance for residents- Integrated “town + house” security

In Fujisawa SST, provision of optimal town security will not be limited to Surveillance cameras, lights, and a patrol service carried out by Security concierges. A new, integrated “town + house” security network will link standard home security services that are available at each house, including intrusion detection, fire detection, and emergency warning, to the town security system. Optional services will also be available, such as notification of monitoring information, life rhythm monitoring, and a patrol service for focused monitoring on a house when the occupants are away. This integrated network of systems and services will enable provision of security without blind spots.

Providing reassurance through lights during emergency nights

Because Fujisawa SST is being designed so as to provide safety and peace of mind throughout the entire town, the town lights will never cease to operate, even during emergency times. A certain number of street lights will remain illuminated to assure safety, and house entrance lights as well as room lights will provide faint street lighting. These will contribute to the town residents' reassurance at nighttime in an emergency situation.

An active town, even for the people without their own cars.An eco-town, even for the people with their own cars

Fujisawa SST will offer entirely new total mobility services for all residents with and without their own cars.
It will include sharing services for electric vehicles, EV bikes, and electric-assisted bicycles as well as home-delivered rental cars, and battery stations for renting rechargeable batteries.
These days, traffic jams can be seen regularly around Fujisawa with long lines of vehicles heading for tourist spots especially on holidays. Our mobility sharing services, which include EV bikes and electric-assisted bicycles, will also contribute to the solution for this social problem of traffic gridlock.
Mobility innovations in Fujisawa SST will benefit the residents, the environment, and the regional community.
Fujisawa mobility will help create a flexible and comfortable relationship between residents and their cars.


An active town, even for the people without their own cars.An eco-town, even for the people with their own cars

Total mobility service linking electric vehicles, EV vikes, electric-assisted bicycles, and home-delivered rental cars

The Fujisawa SST's unique total mobility service will offer a sharing service not only for electric vehicles but also for EV bikes and electric-assisted bicycles. You can choose the most appropriate vehicle based on the time of day, distance to your destination, and the environment. In addition, this service will also allow residents without their own cars to broaden the scope of their activities. A home-delivered rental car service, where a car can be delivered to a pick-up point close to a resident's home, will also improve driver convenience and driving fun.

Fully charged batteries for EV vikes are available at battery stations, eliminating the time and effort for battery charging and the concerns about batteries expiration at awkward times. A new mobile lifestyle is now possible.

Battery stations will be established in and around the town to supply fully charged batteries for EV bikes. It will be especially convenient for commuting to work and shopping. We will spread the use of eco friendly EV bikes by eliminating the time and effort required for charging batteries and the concerns about running out of battery power.

Mobility Manager promptly displays the fastest route to your destination

We are currently developing a concept for a system that displays the simulated results of the route to your destination which is entered in a tablet, smartphone, home TV, PC, etc. We will also link this system to battery station location, traffic updates, and other informations.

Mobility services will revitalize local communities by linking residential areas with nearby shopping streets and tourist zones

Riders of EV bikes and electric-assisted bicycles will easily access the shops in narrow streets. These types of vehicles can also circumvent traffic jams. Fujisawa SST's mobility services will also contribute to local revitalization.

In case of emergencies, battery station facilities and sharing services will be open to all residents and people in the neighborhood.

In case of disasters, power sources at battery stations will be open to the public as part of a charging infrastructure. EV bikes and electric-assisted bicycles will also be available for use in case of evacuation, etc

A town that provides residential networking among residents is a community with values towards the future

From the day you move into Fujisawa SST, you will be able to connect with fellow residents and enjoy access to local information.
Everyone, from children to seniors, will be able to easily access the advanced services via the proposed network. We plan to offer a community platform, including an easy-to-access one-stop portal service that enables anyone to confirm household energy consumption and the status of metering equipments.
Furthermore, residents will be able to access a range of helpful services, including local services, shopping services, management of a points system, and reservations for mobility service, from the first day in Fujisawa SST.
This portal site can also be used for exchanging information within the community.
Our aim is to support the safety and security of residents in case of an emergency through such means as communication confirmation and information exchange.


A town that provides residential networking among residents is a community with values towards the future

A one-stop portal site connected from a variety of information terminals gives everyone access to useful information.

Fujisawa SST will provide a one-stop portal site connected to town information and other unique services. For example, your household energy consumption can be visualized. You can also quickly make reservations for mobility sharing, access information about a given destination, call a Security concierge, check “Fujisawa Smart Points*”, acquire useful information about town services and about Fujisawa in general, access an emergency communication network, and quickly exchange information.

* This is a provisional name.

Unique Town Card ? a starting point for residents' environmental activities

Town services will be integrated into a single card as a means of engaging and involving all residents in community activities. This card will be called the “Fujisawa Smart Card*”. In the card, we plan to incorporate a broad range of functions, including an award-points incentive card for environmental contributions, a mobility sharing card, and a membership card for accessing a dedicated information site. This card will enhance its owner's awareness of being a resident of Fujisawa SST. We believe that this will encourage further interest in, and promotion of, various activities, including those related to environmental conservation.

* The card design is a sample.
* This is a provisional name.

A unique incentive system, “Fujisawa Smart Points*”, which will award points for activities to preserve the environment - further encouraging environment-conscious lifestyles

Awarding points for activities aimed at preserving the environment is a new idea originating out of the Fujisawa SST concept. The points system will visualize each resident's personal environmental contributions. This will serve as an incentive to motivate activities that help to preserve the environment. Various functions, services and events can be planned using the points system. We have a vision of subsequently developing this concept into an open system for collection of universal points that can be used for purchasing items in local shops.

* This is a provisional name.

Improving Residents' Health and Personal Care

In Fujisawa SST, both streets and residential areas are planned with consideration for the health of residents.
For example, open and green streets will be ideal as walking and running courses, helping residents to build up their health.
Houses will be designed to incorporate solar light and natural air flow, which will be combined with an advanced ventilation system, providing a constant stream of comfortable, clean air throughout the entire house. Fujisawa SST will be committed to providing a healthy living environment for its residents.


Improving Residents' Health and Personal Care

Households and healthcare equipment connected to facilities via networks

Planning is underway to offer new services aimed at supporting everyday living through network linkage of individual households to healthcare and welfare facilities. New services using healthcare equipment such as blood pressure monitors supported by cloud-computing services will also be developed.

Welfare and beauty treatment facilities and services available

Fujisawa SST will provide a range of welfare facilities and services aimed at alleviating the physical challenges and burdens of everyday living and provision of nursing care which increase with advancing age. And, a special space will be set up in the town to provide female residents with beauty treatment using state-of-the-art appliances.

Wide variety of services bringing people together and linking people to the environment in a sustainable manner


Revitalizing people-to-people interaction and generating social energy

In Fujisawa SST, a wide range of services will be offered to facilitate communication among all persons associated with the town, including new and long-term residents, guests, and people working in the town. There will be community places for enriching everyday living through hobbies and environmental volunteer programs, together with social opportunities for residents to gain access to learning and promote ecological lifestyles.

Finance services linked to lifestyles

Finance services will offer residents a return on environmental contributions, such as efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, in financial form. A wide variety of exclusive services linked to lifestyles will be introduced. A scheme for providing loans for environmentally friendly homes will offer favorable terms to homeowners in Fujisawa SST, and residents will be awarded points for their efforts to preserve the environment under the proposed Fujisawa Smart Points program*.

* This is a provisional name.

New system introduced to raise residents' eco awareness
For example, efforts to save energy will lead to a reduction of the home loan interest rate.

Increasing asset value in the smart town by managing greenery, and parks Asset management services will help to maintain and increase asset value in this smart town.

Asset management services will help to maintain and increase asset value in this smart town. For example, revenue from sales of solar energy generated in the town will be managed by the town management company and invested in greening the town. Smart community solar generation functions and design will be progressively updated. These activities are intended to maintain asset value in Fujisawa SST over several decades and generations.

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