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Panasonic's latest environmental technology: Contributing to smart city planning in China

Challenges for customers

Need for systematized interiors and housing equipment that is compatible with smart cities

In China, an increasing number of people are moving into urban areas and adding to the strain placed on existing city transportation, water, air and energy services. To address these problems, smart city construction projects are under way throughout China. One of the features of the projects is that they integrate work and living. In this Dalian BEST-CITY project, industries that create jobs will be attracted, and public facilities such as schools and hospitals will be provided, aiming to provide a comfortable housing and living environment for those who work there. Systematized interior and housing equipment is needed for apartment buildings that are the main residence in the city.

We established a joint venture company with the Yida Group, one of the three major developers in Dalian. The joint company undertakes the interior finishing of condominiums developed by Yida and proposes spatial design. In the Dalian project the joint company plays a role in unifying our merchandise and distribution channels.

Entrance to Dalian BEST-CITY
Entrance to a town where approximately 300,000 people live


[Visualizing] energy and air quality to meet the needs of the Chinese government and residents

The construction of the smart cities reflects the Chinese government's strong need to achieve a low-carbon society as a country. In addition to energy measures, a variety of the latest technologies are deployed here and there to reduce CO2. Under the concept of energy-saving, Panasonic proposes spatial design for condominiums and detached homes, such as interior and lighting design, and suggests ideas for kitchen equipment, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, ventilation equipment and flat-screen televisions. Through the networking of this equipment, we have promoted the "visualization" of energy linked to a HEMS. Concurrently, we have understood the importance of finding out what the residents expect in a smart city. We have thoroughly analyzed consumer problems based on research conducted by the "Chinese Lifestyle Research Center" and questionnaires to sales representatives and condominium purchasers in Dalian BEST-CITY. We have discovered that people in Dalian have a high interest in air pollution and place importance on the "air quality and environment" when selecting housing. Therefore, Panasonic has developed technology that incorporates the "visualization" of air quality into a HEMS, a system that "visualizes" energy. Air quality is assessed by installing temperature-humidity sensors, CO2 sensors in the main rooms. We find pollution in the air and give advice on ways to allow fresh air in. As we investigate the problems that local people in China face, we develop solutions, create systems locally and make proposals. We will expand the development of "comfortable, eco-friendly" towns throughout China and Asia.

- Energy conservation/CO2 reduction
We recommend energy-saving home appliances and equipment, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and televisions.
We offer energy management using the HEMS.
- Air-quality measures
The CO2 sensors, which detect pollution in the air, are linked to the HEMS. We give suggestions for air-quality optimization.
- Security
In order to create a safe and peaceful town, we make proposals on street lighting and surveillance cameras in Dalian BEST-CITY.

Display of power consumption in real-time and monitoring air quality on the screen
*The window is only an example.

Model room at the Gingko Garden, a multiple-unit housing where sales of units have started

Model room set up to introduce the HEMS mechanism and the quality of interior finishing to customers

Kitchen equipped with Panasonic's energy-saving home electric appliances

*Products shown here may not be available depending on the country or region.

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Global Home Eco Solutions Company > You are here:Panasonic's Solutions > containsDalian BEST-CITY