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Employing remote monitoring system for maintenance of PV system-- Viento Takasaki

Challenges for customers

Renovating the exhibition hall with advanced eco-conscious features

The Takasaki wholesale district was built in 1967, and consists of some 160 wholesalers and trading firms on an approximately 400,000 square meter plot within Takasaki City. It was the first wholesale market complex in Japan. Partly because Takasaki is an important transportation crossroads, the wholesale district earned the status of a main distribution center for the Northern Kanto area. Viento Takasaki's exhibition hall was constructed in time to coincide with the completion of the wholesale market complex. Since then it has staged various events. In 2014, the exhibition hall was renovated and reborn as a new hall.
In designing the renovation, the new hall was required to accommodate multiple uses and to be a leading eco-conscious facility in the Northern Kanto area by deploying state-of-the-art equipment such as a renewable energy system.

Takasaki Co-operative Wholesale Societyís main building (left) and new exhibition hall (right)


Designing the building exterior to accommodate HIT PV modules, and employing a remote monitoring service for the PV system

The new 2,000 square meter exhibition hall maintains a luminance of 1,000 lx at floor level, making it suitable for holding certification exams as well as conventions. LED lighting fixtures are used for the entire facility, including the hallís high ceiling lights.
Network cameras were installed for security, while a PV system was deployed to support the use of renewable energy. The hallís roof was tilted for efficient installation of HIT PV modules, forming an enormous PV panel system. Panasonicís VR-supported landscape planning system helped to determine the optimal layout of PV modules for maximized power generation efficiency. To ensure stable power generation from the 250 kilowatt PV system, the exhibition hall concluded an operation and maintenance agreement with Panasonic that provides an Application Service Provider (ASP) service for remote monitoring of the PV system. At the Takasaki Wholesale Co-operative Societyís main building, the WeLBA system is in place as the Building Energy Management System (BEMS) to measure the amounts of received and consumed power. Remote monitoring is realized by sending the PV systemís power generation data to the Panasonic server.

Roof has 30 degree tilt to maximize the PV systemís efficiency
New exhibition hall with lighting environment suitable for certification exams as well as conventions.
WeLBA system in place at the main building
Measurement data transmission device


Ensuring long-term PV operation through visualization with the remote monitoring system and ECO-SAS

Since the new exhibition hall has just been completed, we are now in the process of accumulating data. If an abnormality occurs, the Panasonic office located within the wholesale district quickly sends service staff to check the problem onsite. Furthermore, Panasonic is ready to provide long-term operational support to match the 10-year warranty for PV modules. Processing power consumption and generation data with the ECO-SAS server enables data visualization through a PC or simple signage.

Power generation data displayed on signage through Panasonic ASP service
  • Location:
    Tonyamachi, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture
  • Client:
    Takasaki Wholesale Co-operative Society
  • Architectural design:
    ISHII Sekkei Inc.
  • Construction contractor:
    Fuyuki Kogyo Corporation
  • Electric constructor:
    Akuzawa Denki K.K.
  • Engineering (PV system, lighting, rigging equipment and BEMS):
    Panasonic Eco Solutions Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Completed:
    January 2014

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Global Home Eco Solutions Company > You are here:Panasonic's Solutions > containsViento Takasaki