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Community disaster prevention center seeks to employ a self-sustaining power system-- Yahaba-cho Disaster Prevention Center

Challenges in Tohoku Reconstruction

Need is to equip evacuation shelter with a self-sustaining power supply

For the reconstruction of areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and to respond to critical shortages in electricity triggered by the accident at the nuclear power plants that followed, it has become a nation-wide challenge to create a community that is resistant to disaster and has less impact on the environment. One way of tackling this challenge is to make use of renewable energy and untapped energy sources. As such, in the earthquake-affected areas in Tohoku, deployment of renewable energy systems and storage battery units has been promoted for disaster prevention centers. With these systems deployed, disaster prevention centers can provide temporary shelters for disaster victims and back-up power for affected communities. To this end, use of the Green New Deal Fund is being encouraged.

Yahaba-cho Disaster Prevention Center


Use of Green New Deal Fund enables installation of an energy creation-storage linked system at the disaster prevention center

Situated at the center of Iwate Prefecture, Yahaba-cho is a small town with a population of 27,000. The Great East Japan Earthquake did not cause any houses to collapse or other serious damage in the town, although it experienced severe shaking from the quake. The Yahaba-cho Disaster Prevention Center completed in 1998 is designed to function as a fire station as well as a community center that serves as a hub for community activities. In the event of a disaster, it functions as a disaster prevention center that provides accommodations for disaster victims.
With the aid of the Green New Deal Fund, this center recently employed an energy creation-storage linked system composed of a 10 kilowatt PV system and a 15 kilowatt-hour lithium ion storage battery unit. In the event of a disaster, the system will supply power to the emergency electrical outlet and certain lights at the centerís 100 square meter training/meeting room that houses disaster victims. Since this system does not rely on the centerís private power generator, the center can provide accommodations for affected citizens for three days using only the self-sustaining power supply, and without compromising its fire station functions. In normal times, PV system-generated electricity is stored in the storage battery unit, while excess power is supplied to the main power source, thus helping cut usage of electric power from a utility company.

The training/meeting room used to house disaster victims
15kWh lithium ion storage battery unit
Emergency electrical outlet

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