Installation examples

High-Tro-Reel <Non-Tension Type>

Circular line for an assembly and transfer system

Stable power supply even at high speed, preventing faults due to separation from the leads and other causes.

High-Tro-Reel <Tension type>

Hoist and crane travel and machine's internal wiring

Ideal for hoists and cranes requiring multiple lead wiring (including control leads) in a confined space.


Long hoist and crane line

Installation of up to 100 m is possible without any joints. The models are selectable from 60A to 300A according to the application load.

Special lines (e.g., endless lines and switching tracks)

Amusement park

Applicable to complex 3D curves and also weatherproof for outdoor use.
The power supply section has only a slight gap to ensure safety preventing a finger from getting caught in it.