Application / installation examples

Application examples

Trolley duct application (1)

Automated warehouse

Automated warehouse

Trolley duct application (2)

Aging and product inspection circuits

The Trolley Duct is used for aging andproduct inspection circuits that comeafter assembly processes at electricalappliances manufacturing facilities,contributing to line automation andlabor-savings.
Here is an example ofTrolley Duct use for the aging circuit ona home-use refrigerator manufacturingline.
Outline of circuit separation dependingon the type of inspection is alsodiscussed for a reference.

Trolley duct application (3)

Lines equipped with switching devices

In addition to delivering power tomoving equipment, the Trolley Ductgreatly contributes to automating andsaving labor for various manufacturinglines.
Here is an example of effectivelyusing the Trolley Duct on automatedautomobile assembly lines includingturn tables and traversers.

Line-switching device [1] - Traversers

When changing the vehicle body from apassenger car to a light van, the Trolley Ductat a switching point is moved toward the leftof the line travel direction,and the center andouter lines join as shown. Traversers are usedfor these parallel transfers between lines.

Line-switching device [2] -Turntables

After installing vehicle bodies ontochassis, the lines are switched using aturntable depending on whether emptyhoists are transferred to the passengercar line or light van line.
If there are hoistscausing problems, they are sent out to sparelines (bottom section of the drawing below)for repair, and a replacement hoist is placedon the line.

Trolley duct application (4)

When the Fire Proof Shutter etc. are included on the Conveyor Line

The space can be installed in the Conveyor Line by using the pick-up ductand UD-type Trolley when the Fire Proof Shutter etc. are set up on the lineof the conveyor pallet.

Installation examples

Moving and stopping is fully controlled with the trolley duct system.
Because wiring in limited space is possible, the system is popularly applied to various types of automated lines and conveyor lines.

Cranes with multiple control lines

Electric pallets

Automatic doors

Arcade open/close systems

Outdoor conveyance equipment