Company Name Life Solutions Company, Panasonic Corporation
Foundation January 1.2012
Number of Employees 62,541 (as of March 31, 2019)
Osaka Office 1048, Kadoma, Osaka 57l-8686, Japan
Telephone: +81-6-6908-1131
Tokyo Office 1-5-1 Higashi-shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8301, Japan
Telephone: +81-3-6218-1131


Life Solutions Company is rolling out its business in all aspects related to people’s “life” from not only housing, but also to areas that form town and society such as offices, commercial facilities and smart town, and mobility areas such as bicycles and vehicle interior spaces.

We hope to go over the framework of electrical construction materials and housing materials, and deliver a “comfortable space” that stands closely to and supports customers day-to-day life. And also we hope to deliver “heartwarming time” with many smiles and full of excitement through providing houses, services, and all others to the people.

With such sentiment, we will continue to pursue new values that achieve the Company Vision of “Make a better, comfortable ‘life’ with human-oriented solution” and will strive for expanding globally “A Better Life” to home, town, and society through its business.

Company Mission
Expand “A Better Life”
to home, town and society

Company Vision
Make a better, comfortable “life”
with human-oriented solution

Photo:Masaharu Michiura

signature:Masaharu Michiura
Masaharu Michiura

President,Life Solutions Company
Panasonic Corporation

Life Solutions Company: Corporate Profile Video

Organization Chart

Organization Chart Organization Chart

Business Areas of the Life Solutions Company

Space Innovation Business

Lighting Business Division

  • ・Lighting fixtures
    (home, facility, outdoor, commercial)
  • ・devices
  • ・lamps
Photo:Office lighting fixtures
Office lighting fixtures
Photo:Home lighting fixtures
Home lighting fixtures
Photo:LED floodlights for facilities
LED floodlights for facilities

Energy Systems Business Division

  • ・Wiring fixtures
  • ・power distribution panels
  • ・power tools
  • ・home automation systems
  • ・building automation systems
  • ・disaster prevention systems
  • ・solar power systems
Photo:Home IoT concept of connected devices in the home
Home IoT concept of connected devices in the home
Photo:Home power distribution panel
Home power distribution panel
Photo:Wiring fixtures (India)
Wiring fixtures (India)

Panasonic Ecology Systems Co., Ltd.

  • ・Air quality products
    (ventilation systems, ceiling fans, air purifiers)
  • ・environmental engineering
    (water, air and soil purification systems)
Photo:Embedded ceiling ventilation fan
Embedded ceiling ventilation fan
Photo:Heat exchanger system
Heat exchanger system
Photo:Air purifier/deodorizer
Air purifier/deodorizer

Housing Systems Business Division

  • ・Modular Kitchen,Prefabricated Bathroom Unit, Vanity,Toilet
  • ・Interior Door, Wardrobe, Flooring Material
  • ・Rain Gutter, Roofing Material, Exterior Siding
  • ・Home Delivery Box
  • ・Home Elevator
  • ・Structural Materials
Photo:Kitchen solution
Kitchen solution
Photo:Bath solution
Bath solution
Photo:Interior building materials
Interior building materials

Lifestyle Innovation

Panasonic Homes Co., Ltd.

  • ・Detached homes
  • ・multistoried communal dwellings
  • ・renovations
  • ・community development
Photo:Multistoried communal dwellings
Multistoried communal dwellings
Photo:Detached homes
Detached homes
Photo:Urban development, smart cities
Urban development, smart cities

Construction Solutions

  • ・Building construction
  • ・interior installations

Panasonic Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Photo:Home interior installations
Home interior installations

Matsumura-Gumi Corp.

Photo:Foundation and framing for mid to high-rise condominiums, construction sites
Foundation and framing for mid to high-rise condominiums, construction sites

Panasonic Cycle Technology Co., Ltd.

  • ・Power-assisted bicycles
  • ・motor units
Photo:Power-assisted hybrid bicycle
Power-assisted hybrid bicycle
Photo:Hybrid bicycle with child seat
Hybrid bicycle with child seat
Photo:Drive system
Drive system

Panasonic Age-Free Co., Ltd.

  • ・Nursing care services
  • ・products
  • ・renovations
Photo:Nursing care services
Nursing care services
Photo:Rise-assisting robot
Rise-assisting robot
Photo:Senior housing with support services
Senior housing with support services