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Environmental Policy

Zero net energy and further beyond at home, building, community and society. We will realize a comfortable environment through total control of "creating", "saving", "using" and "reducing" energy.

With the environment as a cornerstone of our business activities*1 and drawing on our technologies to create comfortable environment and to control energy, we pursue the synergy between comfort and eco-friendliness.


  1. We promote environmental activities to use energy effectively (reduction of CO2 emissions), advance resources recycling, use less water, enhance chemical substance management, and also take biodiversity into consideration throughout the complete life cycle of our products*2.
  2. We will pay strict observance to environmental laws and ordinances, and to environmental practices agreed upon with partner organizations
  3. We will pay strict observance to environmental laws and ordinances and to environmental practices agreed upon with partner organizations.
  4. We will engage in environmental education, awareness activities and information disclosure.
  5. We will contribute to society by lending cooperation and support to the environmental activities of local and central government and other related organizations.
Synergy between Comfort and Eco-Friendliness.Design,R&D, product planning and design activities, with consideration for the - Synergy between comfort and eco-friendliness -.Procurement,Procurement of materials and parts with less load on the environment,and increased use of recycled resources.Manufacture,Reduction of environmental load resulting from production activities, and prevention of environmental pollution; and coexistence with local communities.Sales, Distribution,Installation,Reduction of environmental load during sales, distribution, and installation.Utilization,Reduction of CO2 emissionsand in the amount of water used during product use.Disposal,
Recycling,Promotion of resources recycling for collection, recycling, etc.,of used products.
  • *1 Major Business Fields :
    Electrical equipment material and housing equipment & building material business (lighting apparatus, wiring appliance, solar power generation system, battery, air-quality-related equipment, housing equipment and building material, etc.) Contracting and service providing business (new building contract, town development, nursing care, bicycle, etc.)
  • *2 Product life cycle :
    All product-related processes from design, procurement, manufacture, sales, distribution and installation to utilization,disposal and recycling.
signature:Masaharu Michida
Life Solutions Company,Panasonic Corporation
Established on: July 1, 2019;

This Environmental Policy is a universal policy for all of the Panasonic Life Solutions Company Group.