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Social and Environmental Responsibility
While operating the factory in an environmentally friendly manner, PETEC has opened the facility to anyone who wants to see the plant. We are aiming to become a company that is open to the local community and trusted by all.
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Designing the Plant with Consideration to the Environment and People

PETEC is located in Saho, Kato City, Hyogo Prefecture, which is surrounded by beautiful nature. We would like to protect and develop this rich natural environment with the local residents.

Therefore, PETEC has equipped various systems to protect the environment. We maintain clean air using dust collecting equipment, also waste water is run through water treatment equipment and then drained into the sewage system. Moreover, the plant is fully equipped with sound-proof rooms and vibration-isolated systems so as not to disturb local residents.

There is bright color coding for each recycling line; pink for TVs, blue for washing machines, orange for air conditioners and green for refrigerators. This is done out of consideration for visitors and so employees can work efficiently in a pleasant environment with minimum risk of accidents.

Open to Society and the Local Community

PETEC has established a tour route and opened the facility to anyone who would like to visit. Many local elementary and junior high school students, who are our future, visit the plant, and use the plant as live material for environmental education. Furthermore, the work and success of PETEC get attention even from outside Japan, so we welcome more and more visitors from abroad every year.

We hold Environmental Conservation Meetings with local residents and consistently exchange ideas. In partnership with Ono Welfare Factory in Hyogo, we also create andsupport initiatives that help physically challenged people. PETEC values communication with the residents in our communities and walks hand in hand with the local residents.

More and more, PETEC is growing into a trusted leading plant with the support and understanding of local residents and the blessing of rich natural surroundings and history.

*This site introduces Panasonic's home appliance recycling plant in Japan, which is engaged in material recycling under the Japan's Home Appliance Recycling Law.