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Development of Recycling Technology
Panasonic promotes 'recycling-oriented manufacturing,' which is to repeat the use of limited amount of resources on Earth.  As a part of the initiatives, we are working to enhance the use of recycled resources. Panasonic Eco Technology Center (PETEC) has an in-house R&D division in its facility, which promotes new technology development and practical application of recycling, focusing on the technology for efficient recovery of recycled resources.
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Development and Practical Application looking One Step Ahead to the Future

Based on the findings on-site, the R&D division jointly works with other R&D divisions in the Panasonic Group to explore new methods and equipment for recycling.

Recent technologies

High-precision resin selection system to sort plastic

  • Automatically sorts various resins at a high speed with near-infrared identification
  • Detects bromine, a substance regulated under RoHS, at the same time and can remove the substance
  • High-precision collection with original high-speed air ventilation

Press release:
Panasonic Develops Recycling Technology to Accurately Sort Plastics from Recycling Residue

Organic decomposition system that reduces dust (waste)

  • Enables treatment of dust (waste) without incineration using catalytic reactions of titanium oxide
  • Metal contained in the dust is automatically collected and can be utilized as recycled resources

Press release:
Panasonic Eco Technology Center to Begin Full Operation of Organic Decomposition Treatment Equipment

High-efficient recycling line that enables disassembly of unsorted waste refrigerators

  • Reads the item number of the waste refrigerator, and automatically detects the type of refrigerant gas and insulating foamed gas (fluorocarbon or non-fluorocarbon)
  • Eliminates sorting work of each type of gas and storage space for gas-specific type refrigerator, and achieves safe and proper recycling treatment of waste refrigerators with improvement in work efficiency by 50% and half the line area.

PETEC has many new technologies or processes, some of which were put to practical use for the first time in Japan. These technologies have been patented and widely opened to the public. Thus, PETEC's technologies are useful for the development of recycling technologies in plants outside Japan as well as those in Japan.

*This site introduces Panasonic's home appliance recycling plant in Japan, which is engaged in material recycling under the Japan's Home Appliance Recycling Law.