2000Car navigation systemCN-DV3300G

2000 Car navigation system CN-DV3300G
Good Design Award 2000
Seeking the user-friendliness and high quality that drivers look for
A car navigation system equipped with WIDE-VGA fine vision, which has about four-fold the resolution of conventional monitors. A high-definition monitor gives precision performance when displaying maps and making text, such as junction and place names, much easier to read, ensuring drivers' safety and comfort. The CN-DV3300G was highly regarded for its user interface, including 3D displays of city landscapes and 3D magnified views of intersections, enabling the drivers to instantaneously grasp their position.
The main unit is slightly curved. Warm champagne gold is added to sophisticated silver. This sophisticated product matches the interiors of high-class cars. The door for the DVD-ROM tray slides open smoothly, providing a sense of high quality that is unique to high-grade products.
At a time when car navigation systems were becoming increasingly popular, the CN-DV3300G, with its beautiful and intuitive maps, offered a new level of convenience and enjoyment. It greatly increased its market share and became a hit product.

2000IH Cooker - Shining ringKZ-321G

2000 IH Cooker - Shining ring KZ-321G
Good Design Award 2000
Functional and reassuring soft red light
An IH cooker heats the pots placed on it by electromagnetic induction. It's safe because it doesn't use any direct flames. Cleaning is also easy. Less air convection keeps the kitchen space clean.
However, conventional IH cooking heaters had a drawback in that it was difficult to see at a glance if a pot was being heated. The KZ-321G has a red 'shining ring' that evokes flame where the pot is placed so that cooking can be confirmed at a glance. At the same time, the soft light in the depth of the 'shining ring' had a reassuring and calming effect.
The light's shape, color and gentle appearance are designed to satisfy both the functional aspects of visibility and safety and reassurance on the part of the cook. The KX-321G provided an imaginative and enjoyable effect that is lacking in ordinary stoves.

2001Notebook PC - ToughbookCF-28

2001 Notebook PC - Toughbook CF-28
Good Design Award 2001
A PC for use in stringent environments, developed in dialog with its users
The Toughbook is a field notebook PC (PC for outdoor use) that aims to provide the ultimate in robustness and durability. It is used in police stations and government organizations abroad, at key services locations, such as gas and telephone lines, and at construction sites.
The CF-28 is the third-generation model. Its magnesium-alloy body protects against impact, and special silver coating minimizes overheating, such as under a hot sun, to ensure reliability. In response to the growing need for information security, the Toughbook locks the power switch and hard disk when the cover is closed and locked to prevent unauthorized use even if the cover is forcibly opened. Locking is intended as a deterrent to theft, and so it is made obvious to potential thieves. The handle is robust and has an ergonomic and easily-gripped shape to minimize fatigue when carrying the PC around for long periods.
Development staff, including designers, went to overseas sites to collect comments in person and take on board users' opinions about using the PC in demanding environments for inclusion in the design. The policy of developing the product together with its users has resulted in steadily-improving reliability and functions.

2001Laser marker - Professional inkingBTL1100, BTL1000

2001 Laser marker - Professional inking BTL1100, BTL1000
Good Design Award 2002
A straightforward design that advertises the product's features and portability
A tool that uses a laser to mark vertical and horizontal lines, etc., at construction sites. Conventional products, even small models, were 10 cm in diameter and 20 cm in height. However, newly-developed laser technology drastically reduced the size to 3.2 cm in diameter and 16 cm in height, a compact size that can fit into a single hand.
The legs act as a tripod stand when opened, and marking is done immediately just by turning on the switch. When folded, the marker has a simple cylindrical shape that can be placed in a pocket. Its functions can be intuitively grasped from its shape, so the user can immediately understand how to use it on picking it up.
Thanks to its portability, ease of use, and its price of about 1/3 to 1/4 that of conventional products, the product saw a huge uptake among construction workers. This product triggered the expanded use of laser markers in other fields like electric installation and exhibitions.

2001Lighting fixture - SmartArchiFYY54010J and FYY54000J

2001 Lighting fixture - SmartArchi FYY54010J and FYY54000J
Good Design Award 2001
Lighting fused with architectural space
A lighting fixture that eliminated any decorative element and integrated with the architectural space.
A square shape of a type normally seen with construction components is adopted to integrate with architectural space. The aluminum frame is edged with high precision to suggest its accuracy as a component. Parts and protrusions may cause 'spatial noise,' so wherever possible, they are placed in a positions invisible from the outside. Linearly connected lighting fixtures look like one long lighting strip when seen from beneath.
This was an emblematic product within the SmartArchi series, which was focused on fusion with architectural space. Architects highly appreciated its simple beauty and compatibility with any space.

2003Plasma TV - VIERATH-50PX20

2003 Plasma TV - VIERA TH-50PX20
  • Good Design Award 2003
  • iF Product Design Award 2005
TV as a 'single intelligent form'
The first model in the slim TV VIERA series (50"). The initial concept of the development was to propose a new form of slim video equipment for interiors. In the 2000s, slim TVs with large screens were wall-hung or placed on a TV stand. However, the demand for more flexible installation styles grew as the number of devices connected to TV increased. To satisfy this demand, the idea was developed of integrating the TV with its stand. The TV and its stand were integrated to appear as a single panel to offer an elegant furniture-like appearance in interior space. It marked a new direction in slim, large-screen TVs.
An ultra-small, high-performance speaker was developed to invisibly blend images and sound. The design concept of the TH-50PX20, "TV as a single intelligent form" was highly well received and became the starting point of Panasonic's design of subsequent large-screen and slim TVs.

2003Tilted-drum washing and drying machineNA-V80

2003 Tilted-drum washing and drying machine NA-V80
Good Design Award 2003, IDEA Silver Award 2004
Washing made easier, starting with 'tilting'
An epoch-making washing and drying machine equipped with a tilted drum. Laundry is easy for all people to put in and take out, including healthy people, wheelchair users, and elderly people with weak lower body strength. In addition, the water is held in a triangular area, resulting in less water consumption.
Its appearance instantly communicates how easy a tilted drum is to use. A laundry basket and detergent container can be placed on the top face, making the machine especially user-friendly. The round transparent door allows you to easily see inside to check washing progress or to check for laundry left inside from a distance.
This is a typical universal design product friendly to a broadening range of people. The drum type sharply changed the main direction of design of upright machines in Japan.

2004Mobile phoneFOMA® P901i

2004 Mobile phone NA-V80 FOMA® P901i
Good Design Award 2005
A new communication style centering on mobile phones
A mobile phone with hardware and software that could be personalized
The panel is simply attached by screws at its four corners to enable easy replacement to customize the cover. The users can change the design by themselves. This system was adopted from the previous model, the P900i, and it triggered a move towards the use of personalized customized covers by third parties, from corporations to individuals. The P901i is also equipped with a cover coordinator application for downloading a standby screen that matches the customized cover. A website called P-JacketCreator was also launched to allow users to create their own covers and standby screens. Users were able to enjoy customizing their mobile phone in many ways.
A pioneer product achieved a new communication style connecting the user and third party centering on mobile phones by linking equipment, applications, and websites.
● FOMA is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo.

2004Digital still camera - LumixDMC-FX7

2004 Digital still camera - Lumix DMC-FX7
Good Design Award 2005
An optimal combination of performance, compact size, and user-friendliness
A compact camera equipped with large 2.5" LCD, image stabilizer, and Leica lens
Light and compact cameras are prone to camera shake. The DMC-FX7 has a metal grip part at the front and a recess for positioning the thumb at the back to ensure a good grip with a single hand. This adaptation, together with the image stabilizer, made it easy to take clear, sharp pictures. To maximize convenience during shooting, a dial was adopted for mode selection rather than a menu on the LCD screen. The image stabilizer is also switched using a button. The shutter-release button is positioned where the index finger is naturally placed when holding the camera. Other buttons are also placed within the reach of the thumb and index finger to enable all controls to be adjusted with one hand.
A pioneer product achieved a new communication style connecting the user and third party centering on mobile phones by linking equipment, applications, and websites.
The LUMIX achieved an optimal match of performance, compact size, and ease of use. This base model, with its beautiful high-grade full metal body, established the LUMIX series' lasting reputation.

2004Digital audio playerSV-MP510V

2004 Digital audio player SV-MP510V
  • Good Design Award 2004
  • iF Product Design Award 2005
Small and easy to use - a new fun shape
For portable music players, the recording media used, such as cassette tape or MD, put limits on their size and design. However, the design or look of a player with built-in semiconductor memory is not affected by its recording medium.
The SV-MP510V is a player with a built-in solid-state memory that is also equipped with an FM tuner and IC recorder. It has a shape that resembles two stacked boxes. The control part and display part are provided over the entire face of each box to fulfill two contradictory elements: downsizing and ease of use. The buttons are recessed to prevent them from being pressed inadvertently, such as what might happen while the player is being carried in a bag. Operation by feel is also possible.
Not limited by the shape of the recording medium, this product offered a new style of digital audio player focused on flexible thinking about shape and ease of use.