Design for a New World
Fri. June 16 - Sun. July 30, 2023

As a pre-event for the “World Design Assembly Tokyo 2023,” which is being held in Japan for the first time in 34 years, we are showcasing the initiatives of the FUTURE LIFE FACTORY at the special exhibition “Design Beyond - Design for a New World.”

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Future Life with Noasobi - KANADERU (2023)

“KANADERU” is a prototype designed to experience the “Reconnecting Cycle” concept, which updates and reconnects the relationship between nature and people through technology. This concept is part of our collaborative project with Snow Peak USA, titled “Future Life with Noasobi.”
We often find ourselves wanting to collect natural items that catch our eye, such as seeds, branches, and flowers. Children use these items for pretend play, arrange them into pictures, or ingeniously create their own games.
“KANADERU” is a device that evokes this sensation of playing with natural objects by hand. When you arrange seeds, branches, flowers, stones, and more on its stage, a camera reads the color, size, and position of each item and converts it into sound, creating a unique rhythm.


YOUR NORMAL - YOUR NORMAL A book about yourself (2021)

What do you consider your “normal”? In order to live our days to the fullest, we want to provide an opportunity to reflect on the themes of “life” and “sexuality”. With this in mind, we developed the “YOUR NORMAL” project, creating content intended to be experienced at various critical stages of one's life cycle. One of these elements is an interactive picture book designed to be enjoyed by young children and their guardians.
As teenagers, many of us find various issues arising, including those related to sexuality. Have you ever found it difficult to consult with your guardians about such topics because they felt “awkward”? We considered how we might build a relationship where sexuality can be naturally discussed with guardians before this “awkwardness” makes important conversations challenging. From a young age, we want sexuality to be a topic that can naturally come up as a part of everyday events. To facilitate this, we have created a picture book that can be used to learn while playing with guardians, siblings, and friends.
Why not take this opportunity to carefully consider your individual “sexuality”, both for yourself and together with your loved ones?


D+IO - D+IO kit (2020)

“D+IO (Doing IO)” is a project designed to empower the innate creativity we all possess, and to support everyone's desire to create something for someone special. We use commercially available electronic components and materials from our surroundings to create a “D+IO Product” intended for someone special. We've made available the source code, parts lists, locations for purchasing, wiring diagrams, assembly procedures, and usage instructions, all on the source code development and sharing service “GitHub.” The three items showcased in this exhibition are D+IO Products available for purchase as kits on the electronic component e-commerce site “Switch Science.”

Watering Unit
The Watering Unit is a device that senses the moisture content in the soil and automatically waters it based on the set value. At FUTURE LIFE FACTORY, we've launched a project named “SECOND NATURE,” aiming to promote biodiversity. In SECOND NATURE, we suggest the use of terraform planters to incorporate biodiversity into the living spaces within homes. With the Watering Unit, it becomes easy to manage watering for different types of plants grown in these terraform planters. Also, it simplifies the process of watering plants grown in commercial planters. We've designed an intuitive UI to set the amount of watering needed.

CO2 Ventilation Alert Device
The CO2 Ventilation Alert Device measures the indoor CO2 concentration and, when the carbon dioxide level exceeds a certain threshold, it triggers an alert with sound and light to promote ventilation. With concerns around the spread of the new coronavirus, there's a need to avoid the “Three Cs” - closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact settings. Consequently, regular ventilation is encouraged in daily life. However, in places where people gather such as restaurants, schools, and office spaces, some might be unsure about when to ventilate, or whether adequate ventilation is provided as a preventative measure. Generally, to maintain a good indoor environment, certain CO2 concentration levels should not be exceeded. With this device, we hope to ensure the right timing for ventilation and thereby reduce the risk of virus infection, even slightly.

Smart Ornament
We've created a Smart Ornament where the LED color changes according to tomorrow's weather forecast. It could be a Christmas tree, a New Year's pine decoration, a Halloween pumpkin - decorations suited to each season. By adding a small function to these everyday objects, life could become slightly more convenient. By changing the API, you can also get information on tomorrow's garbage collection day or receive Teams or Slack notifications through light.