Monesophy Store
- Buying Into a New Future -
Fri. March 22 - Sun. March 24, 2024 11:00 AM - 06:00 PM
※The first day opens at 12:00 PM

We will be hosting the event “Monesophy Store” at the BONUS TRACK gallery, an event that includes a simulated purchasing experience. It invites us to explore the possibilities for "our future" through the medium of “money,” an object we interact with daily.

Shimokitazawa BONUS TRACK gallery
2-36-12~15 Daita, Setagaya, Tokyo

In our daily lives, we use money as a means of exchange for something.

However, when spending money, many of us focus solely on the immediate value being offered, thinking things like “this bread looks delicious” or “this movie seems interesting.

As FUTURE LIFE FACTORY, a design studio thinking about the future of living, we hypothesized that by looking beyond the act of spending money to how it can change us, those around us, and our community, we might begin to see the “potential for change” as if reading a story about the future. This slightly broader imagination could lead to choices we never considered before, which inspired us to plan this experiential event.

At the venue, we provide an experience where you can interact with FLF members on-site, comparing two future stories: Story A, which emerges from diagnosing your current attitudes towards money (= Monesophy), and Story B, which reflects how your perspective on the future changes after a simulated purchasing experience.

Why not join us in exploring how our collective future can change through the experience of purchase?


*Please note that the screen is under development and may differ from the final specifications.