SXSW Discussion Sessions
A way to talk and spur innovation with designers.
Talk-a-Lot: Creative Designers Boost Innovation

Event: OpenHub (3/11/2018)
Location: Panasonic House @ SXSW

FUTURE LIFE FACTORY’s Shigeura took the stage at an open-hub discussion held at Panasonic House @ SXSW during SXSW 2018. Shigeura gave a presentation on the process we use to drive innovation, linking it to the knowledge and experience he gained while he was a fisherman. We talked about how proposals that heighten creativity and imagination will become more in-demand, so we keep sight of the human qualities underlying the full-featured lifestyles of tomorrow, and how our designers’ viewpoints will spark innovation. He relayed FUTURE LIFE FACTORY’s activities and vision this way: “We think the two key phrases that will give rise to innovation are ‘giving rise to ideas based on a subtle awareness attained in the midst of our lives’; and ‘trying out a variety of processes with people in mind.’”

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