Thinking about sufficient food supply in the future
What are the possibilities of HARVEST, which considers social issues and food waste?
Talk-a-Lot: Thinking about sufficient food supply in the future

Event: DESIGNART (10/20/2017)
Location: 100BANCH

Talk-a-Lot: an event where FUTURE LIFE FACTORY members hold discussions with experts from Panasonic and beyond. In this context, we held this talk at 100BANCH during DESIGNART, a design event where we exhibited HARVEST CAFE. Our guest was Oyama, who is pursuing activities that proactively confront social challenges, such as events where participants enjoy cooking and eating ingredients they might otherwise have thrown away. In the discussion centering on HARVEST, we found we could agree on a host of food challenges and social issues, through services that provide organic fruits that are damaged and thus difficult to sell. We held a discussion at this event after event-goers got the chance to taste-test prototypes. The event was a success, with speakers and participants mingling and having spirited discussions.

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