Understand a product pitch and react by bringing new products to life.
A three-minute product pitch for the WEAR SPACE product

Event: AKIBA-related mixer (12/10/2017)
Location: DMM.make AKIBA

DMM.make AKIBA in Akihabara, where Japanese startups have gathered and where companies like consumer-electronics Cerevo put down roots. FUTURE LIFE FACTORY is also renting a team room for creating prototypes and holding exchanges with people outside Panasonic. Following this spirit, we’re hosting networking mixers every month. These are meet-ups for transmitting and exchanging information among everyone involved with craftsmanship. At one of these events, we presented a three-minute product pitch on WEAR SPACE. Our last event of 2017, it generated a lot of excitement, with many pitch presenters and participants. WEAR SPACE was well received by those who immersed themselves in trying our prototypes, people well versed in the latest technology and gadgets, including the people who are creating them. All were intrigued by the theme “What kinds of things is Panasonic doing?” Other presenters’ pitches garnered excitement too, and renewed confidence in the strengths of their concepts and boosted motivation for bringing their product concepts to life.

wear-space-pitch_01 wear-space-pitch_02