Cutting Mouse

An autonomous robot bringing handcrafting closer

Cutting Mouse is a mouse-shaped autonomous robot that supports handmade clothing production. It can cut out cloth or paper according to data on desired shapes and sizes, and mark specific areas with a pen. In the future, the demand for custom-made products tailored to an individual's physical characteristics and gender will further increase. As a tool to meet this need, we aim to eliminate the challenges of the cycle of mass production and mass disposal, and to achieve user-driven sustainable manufacturing.

Simple operation

All you have to do is write the vector data (SVG data) that will be used as a model for the clothing prepared in advance into a microSD card using dedicated software, and insert it into the Cutting Mouse. Press the start button on the main unit, and the Cutting Mouse will cut out the pattern as it runs over the cloth or paper.

cutting-mouse_001 cutting-mouse_002

Handmade to solve social issues

The cycle of mass production and mass disposal has been noted in various industries, and manufacturers of all kinds need to review their manufacturing systems. In addition, the current situation is that mass-produced products are often difficult to use for various minorities. Handmade products have the potential to reduce environmental burdens such as inventory disposal and to be customized for various body types and cultures. This Cutting Mouse was developed as one of the tools to support handmade products that solve social issues.

cutting-mouse_003 cutting-mouse_004