In a future where every action we take is turned into data and accumulated, how should we handle personal data to improve our daily lives? With datafication, actions that were previously incomparable can now be compared. I propose a balance that resides within our lives, suggesting a method to thoughtfully manage and leverage our personal data for the betterment of our daily existence.

We have become capable of measuring a variety of personal data, such as sleep duration, heart rate, and activity levels, through smart devices. However, many people simply collect this data daily without taking any action or even knowing what data is being accumulated. In today's complex and data-saturated world, isn't it necessary to leverage this ever-increasing personal data for our benefit, to reclaim a lifestyle that is truly our own?


Life data gathered from smart devices like smartphones and smartwatches is aggregated and iconified, allowing for the selection of data you wish to compare. Unique to the digital age is the ability to compare previously incomparable aspects, such as the relationship between sleep and time spent on smartphones, or the balance of information input and output. By intuitively understanding which way the compared data is skewed, you can become aware of imbalances in your daily life. This awareness enables you to adjust your life balance accordingly.

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