In a future where open data, updated daily, becomes accessible to individuals, how will people incorporate such real-time information into their daily lives?

I propose a device that transforms safety information into sound, allowing children to explore the city independently and enjoyably.

Carrying Open Data On-the-Go

Various open data sets are released by government agencies and local authorities, yet there are not many examples of individuals effectively utilizing them. For instance, if people could carry data on locations prone to frequent traffic accidents or high crime rates, even children might feel safer walking around town.

safe_01 safe_02
Glancing Around and Hearing Data

This strap-type device allows users to listen to data through sound by simply putting it against their ears. When pointing towards directions with fewer accidents or incidents while walking down the street, the device emits cheerful sounds. Users can explore the city while visually assessing their surroundings and choosing safer routes. Moreover, it alerts the wearer with warning sounds when approaching potentially dangerous areas unnoticed.

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