In a future where the microdata of an ever-changing world converges on a digital map, how will people come to understand the world through data?
I propose a globe-like speaker that allows people to perceive the changes in the world through sound. This device aims to translate the vast and continuously updating digital data into auditory information, offering a unique way to grasp global dynamics and changes without relying solely on visual representations.

By inserting a pin into the globe, you can hear the soundscape of that specific region. Rotating the inserted pin changes the sounds you hear, transitioning through natural noises from rivers and forests, animal calls, weather-related sounds like rain or thunder, to the bustling activities of human life. This interactive feature allows users to explore and experience the diverse auditory environments of the world, enriching their understanding of global cultures and ecosystems through sound.


Audio samples of soundscapes created by nature and humans, enriched with open-source geolocation data, offer deep immersion and fresh perspectives to people far removed from the actual locations. This approach allows listeners to virtually travel and experience the essence of distant places, fostering a greater appreciation and understanding of diverse environments and cultures through the universal language of sound.


This device is a globe-shaped speaker that connects via Bluetooth. It plays audio samples through its built-in speaker, allowing users to experience the sounds of different locations around the world wirelessly. This innovative approach combines geographic education with auditory exploration, enhancing the user's engagement and understanding of global diversity through technology.