In a future where everything is digitalized, allowing for a life independent of physically sensing objects through the five senses, how will people determine the real value of things?

I propose a device that enables users to physically perceive the invisible fluctuations of value, similar to cryptocurrencies and electronic money, through changes in volume. This concept aims to bridge the gap between the intangible digital world and the tangible sensations that affirm our understanding of value and change.

In recent years, the digitalization of everything has led to an increase in visual displays on devices like smartphones. Humans are naturally designed to perceive the world through all five senses.

Is this the future we have been longing for?

Focusing on the digitalization of money, we proposed a device that allows users to physically feel the balance of electronic money. When a transit IC card (including those integrated into smartphones) is held up to this device, it expands in proportion to the card's balance, enabling users to intuitively grasp the quantity of digital assets.

If this device could be miniaturized, attaching it to a smartphone might allow users to feel the balance of electronic money in their pocket, much like a physical wallet.

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