In a future where virtually everything is experiential, how can we recreate sensations previously exclusive to the real world?

I suggest a wearable device that manipulates texture sensations using sound and vibration.

Virtual Reality for Food

As virtual reality becomes increasingly prevalent, various experiences are being recreated in virtual worlds. However, the realm of food remains limited to real-world experiences. While taste and appearance are crucial, texture is equally important in enriching the dining experience. If we could simulate textures virtually, it would not only enhance experiences in the virtual world but also contribute to a richer life for individuals who may have limited food options due to conditions such as dysphagia in the real world.

Sound and Vibration-based Texture Enhancement Device

This device replicates the texture of food using sound and vibration. By detecting the chewing movements of the wearer and generating corresponding sounds and vibrations, it provides the wearer with a sensation as if they were actually experiencing the texture. This device enables the expansion, transformation, and sharing of textures, offering a new dimension to food entertainment. Texture holds the potential to enrich the culinary experience, and this device serves as an innovative tool in exploring the richness of food sensations.

texture_02 texture_03